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Ali G. May 08, 2016 2968 views

What is the hardest thing about being a manager?

I would really like to be a manager or CEO one day. What is the hardest part about managing a team? What do you like best about it? Thank you! technology management leadership...


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Ter L. May 18, 2016 893 views

What is a good amount of time to work during my freshman year in college?

I don't want to be overwhelmed, especially as a full time student. Is fifteen hours to much? college...


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Erika S. Jan 21, 2017 465 views

What jobs are hiring ?

I need a job been looking for a job for to long now...


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Joshua S. Mar 29, 2018 473 views

What are the punishments for not showing up to work?

Attendance is needed, A company needs good discipline to keep the workers aligned management...


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Meghan M. Mar 03 1730 views

Most asked questions during interview

Hard worker, cooperative, always willing to learn more and I'm a fast learner, always put in extra, very devoted....


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Zhaohong L. Mar 12 141 views
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Andy X. Apr 14 280 views

It is worth it to pursue a master's degree?

I'm currently a senior in high school and I am currently about to go to college. I want to know what I can do after my undergraduate degree. college degree...


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CV Office Hours . Apr 19 162 views

Did you go to a 4 year college or did you choose other options, and what were those options?

Office Hours #4: AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Mark Eagle This question was posed by a question during one of our most recent "CareerVillage Office Hours" sessions. During Office Hours sessions, we invite students to pose questions related to a specific topic. In this case, the topic was...

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