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Heather S. Oct 14, 2019 358 views

I want to get a job or volunteer to help end sex trafficking

I am one class away from my bachelors degree. I am 43 years old. My major is sociology from Portland State University. I am a mother of four and also a grandmother. My passion is to work or volunteer in a position to facilitate an end to sex trafficking and/or to help victims that have been...

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Ashley Y. Jun 29, 2021 385 views

How do I gain experience in software engineering?

I am a college student and I would like to gain experience in software engineering to open doors to related job opportunities. computer-software engineering engineer software...


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Mohamed E. Jun 30, 2021 195 views

How can I choose what to study in college?

I am an igcse student, and I still don't know what to study in college. I am not drawn to anything. Basically I like all my subjects and I score the same grade in all of them college-advice college...