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Ethan Sep 25, 2019 486 views

Could you describe one of your typical work days being a video producer?

I'm in audio/Video production for m high school and wanted to know if keep following this path would it be a struggle finding work? #technology #internship

Maitlin’s Avatar
Maitlin May 24, 2016 1413 views

What is it like to be a professional game tester?

As anyone who plays video games would be, I was excited by the prospect that playing video games could be a viable career choice. But I don't know if it would be the right career for me, since in the end it sounds like a lot of sitting down. Is it as fun as it sounds initially, does it become...

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Jul 25, 2021 786 views

What skills are MUST for a career in engineering?

What are the most important skills a student interested in going into engineering should have since now? And what about the ones we might have to develop during college?

#career #student #civil-engineering #engineering #engineer #math #senior #college

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan May 18, 2016 797 views

What are some benefits of being an engineer? (If There is) If there is no answer to that, what is the easiest part of being an engineer?

I want to know if there is any benefits that can help me if I'm an engineer. I also want to know the easiest part of being an engineer. #technology

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Jun 04, 2021 428 views

Electrical engineering is my career goal?

I decided on this ever since, now I want to go forward with it. Where should I begin? #electrical-engineering #engineering #engineer