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Agustin P. Mar 05, 2014 1308 views

What kind of classes would I need to take if I'm Interested in being a Physical Therapist?

I'm really interested in being a Physical Therapist because it involves of what I like to do, and I had some experience of being a patient and it looks like wonderful a experience #physical-therapist #physical-therapy #sports-medicine...


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Jocelyn Q. Mar 05, 2014 1398 views

What job can you get with a communications major?

I am currently a junior in high school. I am not sure what career I was to purse but majoring in communications is one of my current paths I am willing to take but I am not sure what position I would get if i were to have a job. #jobs...


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Alexis F. Mar 11, 2014 1303 views

What jobs are available on cruises?

I have been on 3 Disney cruises and have loved all 3! I like to travel, interact with people and help others. I was wondering what kind of jobs are avaiable to work on a cruise? I know there are waitress options and cruise directors which do that. What else is out there? Pros/cons? HELP!...

#travel #career #director #waitress #disney #cruise

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Alexis F. Mar 12, 2014 2888 views

What career travels around the world a lot by plane?

I like to travel and I am interested in studying abroad in college. Although, I have not developed what career path I want to take yet. What careers travels around the world? Thank...

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Sofie C. Mar 12, 2014 5206 views

Is it a good idea to get a job while you're in high school?

I am a junior in high school who is unsure if getting a job is a good idea while in school or not? #money #job...


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Matthew M. Mar 12, 2014 1114 views

Does a person who majors in astronomy have a lot of career options?

I am really interest in astronomy but I don't know if there are many options career wise....


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NA N. Mar 12, 2014 997 views

What is a forensics science technician?

I am asking this question because I am not sure what that is. #law-enforcement #forensics...


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Arliene A. Mar 14, 2014 872 views

What classes would i have take to become a registered nurse?

I want to start nursing school soon and was wondering what classes i would have to take....


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Sean G. Mar 17, 2014 1553 views

How did you decide what career you chose to follow?

I am having a little trouble finding a career to follow. Anything will help,...

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Lori G. Mar 31, 2014 3474 views

Confused... Should you chose a job based on your enjoyment or based on compensation?

I am a girl who is not exactly sure about what I want to do but I would like to know how people chose their career options. #medicine #law #education #health #career-path #government...


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Evely C. Apr 08, 2014 1086 views

Does being a school psychologist increase your stress levels?

It may seem as if listening to people's problems every day could have a negative effect on your life since people will most likely come to you because of negative things happening in their lives....


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Melissa S. Apr 28, 2014 1365 views

What job applications are better to use

I'm just currious if applying online is better than a hand written application #job #application...


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Sage K. Apr 29, 2014 3003 views

What's the financial situation like in college? Do you recommend getting a job, and is it hard to manage work with school?

I'm a sophomore in high school, and I'm starting to think about college and what it is going to be like. I've heard that in college, it is hard to get by financially, and I was wondering what the reality of it is. How hard is it? What kind of things can you do to improve your financial...

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Simran K. Apr 29, 2014 1623 views

How do you maintain a balance between doing what you love and making sure you are making a good amount of money?

I am a high school senior and even though I do not know what career I wish to pursue, I want to make sure that I am doing something I love, while still being able to comfortably support myself. I guess I would just love to hear different perspectives on your career and how you keep the balance...

#passions #balance #income #career #interests #money

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Andrea H. Apr 30, 2014 2092 views

What is it like being in a sorority and should I consider joining one in college?

I've heard about hazing which scares me a bit, but I've also heard a lot of good things. (I'd also love to hear about experiences had in fraternities and how that may have affected male professionals on the site as well.) Does joining one help build up a network and is that helpful in future...

#sorority #career-path #networking #college #advice #fraternity