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Aren Sep 09, 2021 313 views

how long does it usually take to get experienced in 3d animation

iv'e been doing modeling in blender since 2018 and iv'e started to learn 3d animation and would like to know more and what it takes to be experienced too, #3d-animation #animation #3D #design #artist #graphic-design #art #video-games

Eryx’s Avatar
Eryx Aug 31, 2021 306 views

What should I include in my portfolio to become a 2d animator.

I am a senior in high school and want to build a portfolio #animation #animator #design #art #graphic-design #video-games

Eryx’s Avatar
Eryx Sep 09, 2021 321 views

What are some ways to practice posture and movements in animation?

I am having trouble and need help #animation

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Sam Dec 13, 2021 1173 views

Is it ok to ask this question during a final interview?

After giving a final interview (final round) for a position, if the interviewer does not tell you "you can expect a response in X days", or whether or not you got the position is it ok to ask? If the interview is the hiring manager, how should you phrase it? #interviews #career...