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goe Jul 13 709 views

what looks good on a college application

college advice

Isadora’s Avatar
Isadora Aug 21, 2023 477 views

how can I set a path to be successful at a young age?

I am 16
I want to start a business and be a young entrepreneur
any advice on certain books to read or habits that will help

Wyat’s Avatar
Wyat Aug 16, 2023 303 views

What is college?

What is it?

Nat’s Avatar
Nat Aug 16, 2023 324 views

What is a good way to start finding a good college?

I want to find a good college but I'm sure where to start.

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Aug 18, 2023 838 views

Is a business degree a flexible degree?

I am a junior in high school and have been recently preparing for college and I figured a business is best. But can I use my business degree for multiple careers or jobs.

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Aug 19, 2023 885 views

How do I know which career is right for me?

How do I know which career is right for me?
I’ve always been torn between choosing a job that i’m a good at, a job i’d enjoy or a job that makes good money.

Marissa’s Avatar
Marissa Aug 19, 2023 576 views

What should you write a college essay on?

What should you base a college essay on if you’ve gotten in trouble in the past or have had bad grades and still want to get into a good college?

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Aug 20, 2023 902 views

What should I be doing to prepare for college as a sophomore in high school?

I’m a sophomore and I want to get into UCLA, I want to know what path I should be on in order to achieve my goal

rylee’s Avatar
rylee Jun 30, 2023 377 views

how do i pick the right college?

I'm a 10th grader in highschooler and i need to start picking out colleges but i don't know where to start i know i have to pick what makes me happy what if i pick the wrong one?

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Jun 29, 2023 292 views

Now that I’ve selected a career, how can I stay current?

Note: this question is part of our Professionals series where volunteers share questions they wish they saw on the platform

Nolda’s Avatar
Nolda Jun 29, 2023 470 views

How can you make colleges see you as a person and not just a act and sat test score?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I am also in my schools IB program. I want to make a difference in this world through college but its hard when all they see are test scores and not the student.

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Jun 29, 2023 558 views

Do major firms ask its employees to do volunteer hours?

Just wondering because I see lots of volunteers on this site responding to people and I was wondering if the companies you all work for encourage that. Thank you!

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Jun 30, 2023 643 views

What do I need to do to prepare myself for college?

How can I figure out what I want to do for a career and then how can I best prepare myself as a sophomore in highschool? Im also wondering what classes or activities I should be taking in order to look good on my transcripts.

Larry’s Avatar
Larry Jun 30, 2023 492 views

how do you deal with college? seriously?

I'm in college right now, and I do well (I have a GPA above 3.7) However, handling these classes are hard. Not the classes itself, but taking 5 classes at the same time. I can manage, in my mind, four courses at a time, Yet I always seem to never really mind the last one. This is not a...

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Jun 28, 2023 411 views

What's the best way to get a collage scholarship?

I want to be able to get an academic one.