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North Haven, Connecticut
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I aspire to be a Pediatrician in the North East region at any type of clinic or hospital.



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Anita Mar 25 231 views

Are there any ways I can 'fast-forward' college and spend less time there?

Aspire to be a Pediatrician ASAP :)

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Anita Mar 25 255 views

What does the path from High School to Medical School look like?

I'm currently a sophomore in high school and was wondering that once the time comes- how would I begin my path to Medical School?

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Anita Mar 25 194 views

What should I look for in a Medical School?

Just a sophomore (High School) wondering about the Medical School process- specifically whether or not there are some specifics I should look out for.

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Anita Mar 25 235 views

Do I have to have a strong understanding of High School Math in Medical School?

I'm struggling in Algebra 2 at the moment- will this affect me in the long run?

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Anita Mar 25 245 views

Does the college I go to affect my chances of getting into Medical School?

I'm currently a sophomore, but post-high school, I plan on attending a college in the New England Region. Afterward, I aspire to attend Medical School and become a certified Pediatrician :)