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David Bilodeau

Senior Engineer, Systems Engineering
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Carrollton, Texas
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sokar Apr 07, 2023 374 views

what do i need to be an Austronaunt. I am confused of what to study or what fields to focus on.?

i just want info on what type of gpa i would need for scholorships what fields to go after and how can i make my college resume look good for future refrence as i am just going into high school.

gavyn’s Avatar
gavyn Mar 23, 2023 552 views

what do you do on a day to day life in cybersecurity ?

What you need in your job.

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 22, 2023 1052 views

What technical skills should I learn to improve my career as a biomedical engineer?

This is part of our professionals series, where we ask professionals what they think students should know

Phoenix’s Avatar
Phoenix Jul 22, 2022 862 views

College .VS. Trade school what are the risks and the rewards for each?

Is it worth spending more money to go to college when I could go to trade school and spend less to get the same certification at a trade school?

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Jul 22, 2022 6692 views

How long do you have to be in the military to qualify as a veteran?

Planning to be in the military before college, wanna know if I will qualify to be a veteran if I served for 4 years.

An Awesome Student’s Avatar
An Awesome Student Jan 18, 2021 517 views

How does it feel out in space as an astronaut?

Greetings! I'm Ms. Tipton at the International Community School. My 3rd graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks in advance!

#astronaut #space

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Jul 21, 2022 861 views

Does taking IT help immensely in a Programming Job in the future?

Does Informational Technology (Linux) help at all with Programming (Python)? I've enrolled in an IT 101 course, and I'm getting second thoughts on whether or not I've been tricked into an advertisement or I'm gaining purposeful knowledge.