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Alissa Apr 23, 2021 321 views

How do I figure out what major to choose?

What jobs are available in the field of neuroscience or cognitive science? How different are they actually from each other? How does physiological psychology fit differ as well? #neuroscience #neurology #college #study

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Paige Apr 08, 2014 35321 views

How many years and what classes do i have to take to be a successful neuroscientist ?

I'm a junior in high school and i'm really interested in neuroscience , but i don't know what i'd actually have to study and how long it would take to finish school or how many degrees i need #neuroscience #neurology #neurosurgeon

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emma Feb 25, 2022 197 views

What are some different photography companies in New York?

#photography #art #newyork

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Hershey Marie Aug 16, 2022 199 views

Confuse on what course to take

I don't know what's the best course to take, kindly give me some guidance. I'm interested in medicine but my parents are not well off.

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Tatiana Aug 03, 2022 400 views

How do you become an animator and illustrator at the same time?

So, I read a Q&A from a professional Background (BG) Artist a few days ago. The BG said "a illustration skills don’t always translate to animation." So, it made me wonder more about the differences between the two fields. They're both art-based careers, yet there's some differences I...

Tatiana’s Avatar
Tatiana Jul 31, 2022 368 views

How to choose which animation specialization to study?

Hello! I'm interested in having a career in animation. When I started looking at animation more closely, I thought "animator", "producer", and "director" were the only job titles you could have. Turns out there's many different jobs to choose from. However, I have no idea which area to...