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Ally Jun 26, 2021 349 views

Is majoring in both Business and Health a smart choice?

I graduated top of my finance major in high school, but I found finance to be a field I would not interested in as a career. At the same time, I have developed a new interest in health and learning all about how to take care of oneself's body. #business #health #marketing #career-counseling...

mikayla’s Avatar
mikayla Aug 31, 2017 562 views

Do you need a lot of training after college to start a job in finance?

I want to become a financial advisor after college and I want to know will I have to get a lot of training after college?

Kayana’s Avatar
Kayana Jun 21, 2022 355 views

What are the best universities to study business, finance, accounting?

I have heard about Harvard way too often, but it seems overly competitive and expensive.

Harold’s Avatar
Harold Aug 06, 2022 267 views

What's the best major for marketing?

What's the best undergrad major for someone who wants to be in a marketing managerial position eventually, whilst simultaneously having a plan B? Marketing, finance, or other? I've heard that marketing is not the major that it used to be, and most people advice me to align with the marketing...