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Las Vegas, Nevada
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I want to be a realtor who is there for her clients



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Reagan Sep 22 78 views

What are the chances my career goals come true?

I’m very dedicated and hard working but I’m scared once i get into the real world the goals will become impossible to accomplish.

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Reagan Sep 22 93 views

What types of schooling and tools do i need to become a realtor?

My parents want me to get my college degree but I’m wondering if i need it to become a realtor.

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Reagan Sep 22 170 views

How long does it take to become a great real estate agent?

I am interested in being a real estate agent and i want to know how much time and energy it will take me to become a great realtor.

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Reagan Sep 22 116 views

Why does real estate take so much work and dedication ?

I am interested in real estate and trying to find out how much work and dedication it will take to accomplish it.