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Jenna C. May 13, 2016 624 views

I have been on the newspaper staff at my school all four years of high school. I am thinking about continuing in college but I also think that online journalism sounds really fun also, which one would be the most beneficial?

I love working on the newspaper but I also love having news at the touch of a finger 24/7. Their is also a lot more designing I would be able to do online. #journalism #writing #media #news #newspaper...


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leah H. May 27, 2016 588 views

Is it appropriate to network online?

I want to work in the field of journalism and the coolest thing about this industry is that it's already accessible to me. It's so easy to find writers that I admire and follow them on social media. Often I have questions about the websites they write for or I'm just interested in things they...

#journalism #social-media #media #writing #networking