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Alan Jul 04 425 views

What are the opportunities for advancement in the field of nursing, and how does specialization affect career paths?

What are the opportunities for advancement in the field of nursing, and how does specialization affect career paths? What are the main challenges and rewards of working as a registered nurse in a hospital setting? How does specialization in areas like pediatrics or emergency care impact career...

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Daniella Jun 24 387 views


EN:Hello, how are you? I'm thinking about studying a degree in Nursing and specializing in Neonatology, so I would like to know. What am I going to have to study, what courses or topics do I need to master in this career? EN: Hi everyone, I'm cheering myself to study Nursing and specialize in...

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John Jun 18 301 views

How can I start to learn more about some different kinds of medicine, college, and nursing.?

How can I start to learn more about some different kinds of medicine, college, and nursing. They seem to be a bit interesting to me. Especially nursing.

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Quang Tri Jun 08 245 views

Life Experience of University and College?

Hi, This is the first time I joining I wanted how it works or useful tips, and tricks to have a better life experience in University or College. Thank You!!!

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kayla Jun 13 494 views

How do you choose a career that you can pursue ? when you are undecided about anything in particular ?

I am really undecided about my future I had nothing in particular that I was good at in school so how do you chose a course to take in university ?

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Maybelle May 26 416 views

Do I need to go to university before going to college of medicine??

I really wish to study medicine
But a friend of mine said I need to first go to university

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Joseph May 17 620 views

What are some things that I should focus on learning before I start college as a Computer science major ?

I'm going to be starting college this fall, and I was wondering what are some math or programming topics/classes that I should take notes on during the summer

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Christian May 17 405 views

what is a good job to keep in mind for someone who wishes to have a hands on job?

I would like a career where l can use my hands and not be behind a desk all day so i was wondering what were the requirements for such a job

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Palmer May 15 183 views


As a high school student, how do I know if computer science is the right college major for me?

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Francis May 06 353 views

How to be good at career?

I am the type of person that thinks I can never do anything right, especially if the task seems very big and cumbersome. I want help so that I can enjoy my career. battleship online

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Eldana Apr 24 381 views

Is biomedical engineering a field that is worth going with?

I've been thinking about biomedical engineering, but it seems to be a broad topic. What exactly is it? Are there any good Jobs that go with biomedical engineering?

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Glennys Apr 08 412 views

What career should I dedicate to if I'm interested in many?

I want to be a surgeon, nurse, psychologist, deal with criminal cases, learn to read body language, etc.

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Sweet Apr 07 245 views

What is some advice would you give to do go into a good medical school?

I still have many years left before going to college, I am not sure what I still need to do to go into a good medical school. I am not sure what career field I am interested in. Is there any recommendation you recommend. Thank you

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bailey Mar 27 362 views

how can i know my career?

carer tips

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Sanchi Mar 20 295 views

As I have completed my high-school 10th class it's time for me to choose a stream and at this moment I am a little lost also I don't know what I am going take as my profession but I do know what I want from it Please help me out ?

and at this moment I am considering to take between commerce or PCM