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Suraya’s Avatar
Suraya Sep 21 95 views

what major should i do if i want to be a nurse practitioner ?

what major should i do if i want to be a nurse practitioner

Madelyn’s Avatar
Madelyn Sep 19 57 views

What collage do I go to and what do I major in?

What collage do I go to and what do I major in?

ale’s Avatar
ale Sep 09 149 views

When becoming a nurse what do you do ?

Little backstory of me so I’m finishing up my hs credits in finishing school and i’ll get my highschool diploma and a certificate for taking phlebotomy courses (only course they offer at my school) now lets say I want to be a L&D nurse what would be my next step? Apply to nursing school? I want...

Juliana’s Avatar
Juliana Sep 06 130 views

Is it worth all the time and school to become a doctor?

Like is it worth it to go to medical school and become a doctor or surgeon

jaelyn’s Avatar
jaelyn Sep 04 116 views

What can I do to be more successful in whatever career I chose in the future ?

What can I do to be more successful in whatever career I chose in the future ?

Irah’s Avatar
Irah Aug 31 96 views

What classes are needed in college when you want to be a nurse?

I'm wondering what I'll have to prepare for

cecilia’s Avatar
cecilia Sep 01 106 views

What was the hardest part about starting nursing?

I've recently decided on nursing and I wanna be sure before I start college.

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Aug 23 93 views

What should I pick for a long time ive been interested in aviation and plumbing I dont know what I should pick

How do I know if I want to do this

Keara’s Avatar
Keara Aug 15 81 views

How do you decide what you want to do with your life?

I think I want to become an anesthesiologist when I get older but I’m not sure how to move forward into that or what to major in.

Liz’s Avatar
Liz Aug 02 98 views

Teaching/college question

How many years of college do you need to become a teacher?

Corrina’s Avatar
Corrina Aug 02 117 views

What factor should determine whether or not you want to pursue a career path; passion for that area or finances you’d make with that career?

I’m requesting this question because I’m stuck between deciding on two different career paths: a pediatrician or an art therapist. The main thing between the two careers holding me back from choosing the other is the financial differences in them.

Abi’s Avatar
Abi Jul 27 111 views

What factors do I consider to choose the best major for me?

I have found myself going back and forth and changing my mind constantly. I have a few ideas. What factors should I consider while making this decision?

McKynzie’s Avatar
McKynzie Jul 21 132 views

How should you help yourself get a higher SAT/ACT score for applying to colleges?

What tips are there to help get a higher score to get into colleges?

Mina’s Avatar
Mina Jul 18 195 views

How can a student looking to go into the medical field start exploring options in high school?

I'm a junior in high school that's looking to get an advantage before going to undergrad. I want to get an internship or something along those lines so I can 1. begin exploring possible career paths in this field and 2. get some experience that could give me an advantage to get into med school.

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Jul 10 235 views

What is an information systems major?

Information systems is one of my schools concentrations in the college of business and I have a hard time of wrapping my head around what it is