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Tiffanie Feb 21, 2017 958 views

What should I be doing to help my future when I get my undergraduate?

I can't help to think about the impending future which is happening in only 2 years. I want to be as secure as I can be so when I graduate I can find a career that I am interested in. What are some things that I can do to give me an advantage over other prospective employees? #college #career...

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Tiffanie Dec 12, 2016 787 views

How do you manage school, work, and extracurriculars at the same time ?

I am currently working, and I go to college full time, how can I manage all of these 3 things at the same time while also being successful in them ? #career #school #work #life #full-time

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Tiffanie Sep 09, 2016 1962 views

What are good speech presentation tips?

I'm personally really bad at public speaking, is there any tips/tricks that you all have that can help me before and during a presentation ? #publicspeaking #tips

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Tiffanie Aug 31, 2016 678 views

How can I get internships?

Let's say I have been in college for a few years and I want to obtain an internship around my field. What is a grat way to get an internship? It seems as if internships are really hard to get and that they are really selective. #internships #field

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Tiffanie Aug 31, 2016 595 views

Would you rather have better social life or a better gpa for college?

Should I focus more about connections or about having a great GPA? #social #gpa

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Tiffanie Aug 26, 2016 1086 views

How can I get more job responses?

It seems as if there is a very unlikely chance that jobs will call me back if I apply online, but the only way to apply is through different websites. How can I get more job responses /interviews back to the jobs that I apply to?

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Tiffanie Aug 24, 2016 804 views

Would you say that it is bad to go to frat/sorority parties?

Just wondering since they seem to get really bad rep #college #career #greek-life

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Tiffanie Aug 20, 2016 764 views

What are some tips to be successful ?

generally speaking, how can you be great at everything you do #success

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Tiffanie Aug 19, 2016 2809 views

How do you get over public speaking fears?

Before I give a presentation, I usually get very anxious, and even though I might be pretty prepared, I stutter and repeat the same words sometimes. What are good tips and tricks to help me improve presentation skills, and how would you give a great speech? #communications #communication...

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Tiffanie Aug 17, 2016 1033 views

Is college useless?

I've heard that many believe college is almost similar to a high school degree to an extent. I don't want to end up in debt living a minimum wage job. If I want to earn a good living, is college recommended? Is graduating college and going to a grad school make your chances of success better?...

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Tiffanie Aug 14, 2016 582 views

How can I balance work life, school life, and extracurricular clubs?

I want to do everything, yet it seems like there is not enough time to do all things at once. How can I be in clubs while working part time and also going to school ? #college #school

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Tiffanie Aug 11, 2016 715 views

What is the most important thing when choosing a right major/minor?

It is hard to understand which major is the right one that is suitable for me when there are so many different types of fields out there. How can I choose the best ones for my passions and interests? #college #major #college-minor

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Tiffanie Aug 10, 2016 961 views

How can I keep healthy if I work full time/ go to school?

It seems to be pretty hard to do that when there are odd break hours, many people. How do you maintain weight and eat healthy also #health #school #fitness

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Tiffanie Aug 08, 2016 814 views

How can I be promoted in a company?

As a person who wants to move up to higher positions in a company, how can I give my managers the impression that I am capable of being in a higher authoritative position? #career #work #life

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Tiffanie Aug 06, 2016 555 views

What are good time management strategies?

I want to be involved, get good grades, maintain social relationships during college. How can I do this is a way that won't be too stressful? #college #work #life

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Tiffanie Aug 02, 2016 703 views

Is maintaining a relationship with your professors in college important?

would it be a good idea to ask them for help, or introduce yourself when class first starts to give a good impression? Does it matter? #college #school

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Tiffanie Aug 01, 2016 1127 views

What should I dress for a career fair?

My school is going to be having those throughout the year and what are some things I should wear? What should I be prepared to do, what should I bring? #career #jobs

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Tiffanie Jul 31, 2016 660 views

Do you believe you have to be mature to be successful?

I guess it's sort weird for me to ask this, but do you think that if you are still young that you won't be as successful? An example of this is managers; some managers try to befriend their co-workers, while other managers don't. do you believe that remaining young seeming will make you less...

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Tiffanie Jul 29, 2016 1371 views

what is a good way to relieve your stress?

What are some ways that you relieve your stress , and how does the way you relieve your stress benefit you #stress

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Tiffanie Jul 29, 2016 888 views

What do you believe has made you successful?

The question asks it all. As a regular person, what has made you succeed in your life? #success

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Tiffanie Jul 27, 2016 845 views

what was something you were afraid to do but glad you did career wise?

just wanted to know what helped you a lot even if you were scared of doing it in the beginning #career #life

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Tiffanie Jul 26, 2016 3106 views

What do you believe is your strongest asset in life?

What gives you the edge that can help you get jobs. Or that pushes people towards you #career #life #asset

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Tiffanie Jul 26, 2016 832 views

What do you value the most ?

In general, in your employeers, in your friends .. #finance

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Tiffanie Jul 25, 2016 780 views

How did you pay off your college debt ?

After you graduated and had amassed a lot of debt, how did you pay it all off? What are some tips and tricks that you believe everyone should know? #college #money #debt

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Tiffanie Jul 25, 2016 1694 views

How do you approach a difficult customer ?

When you are dealing with someone who is visibly upset, what do you do to stop the situation from going to far? #work #customer

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Tiffanie Jul 24, 2016 937 views

What is something you look forward to during work?

Let's look at the bright side of things! What do you like the most about what you do? #career #work

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Tiffanie Jul 24, 2016 633 views

Do you have role models?

As you were growing up and starting to transform into who you are today, did you ever look up to anyone on being successful ? #business #rolemodels

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Tiffanie Jul 23, 2016 1132 views

If a person does not have any prior work experience, what do you look at to determine if you would like them to work for your company?

Let's say this person hasn't volunteered, hasn't worked, hasn't had an internship.. They are newly graduated college students with an under-grad degree. What makes you hire these people?(If you would hire them) #career #work #hire

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Tiffanie Jul 23, 2016 877 views

What is a skill that many people need to improve on?

Employeers, bosses, hiring officals, etc. When you don't hire someone what is a common weakness that a person has that makes you not want them in your company. What is something that a lot of people have in common that they should work on ? #skills #employer #common

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Tiffanie Jul 22, 2016 584 views

Is looks a factor in getting hired?

I know many people say that we have to be unbiased when hiring other people. But, realistically speaking. What are the greater chances that a person is attractive with less qualification vs. a person who isn't as good looking get the job? #career #hiring

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Tiffanie Jul 22, 2016 828 views

How realistic should I be when accomplishing career goals

I would imagine that after college being thrown in a crazy hectic world it can be hard to adjust what you want to do with what you are able to do. With a lot of competition and people having better qualification than you. How hopeful? Should you be in maintaining a career goal ? #career #life #goal

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Tiffanie Jul 21, 2016 473 views

Do you think cleanliness is associated with your business success?

super random question. It just seems like bosses try really hard to be clean in their workspaces and environments

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Tiffanie Jul 21, 2016 817 views

What is a great way to stand out above all other applicants?

During jobs, school searches, I guess class could count to. What is the best way in making a great first impression to the people that you meet? #school #job #social

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Tiffanie Jul 20, 2016 1047 views

How "easy" is a minimum wage job ?

Many people put emphasis in how easy a minimum wage job in industries like; fast food, or retail is easy. How "easy" is it compared to "real-world" jobs, and what are the differences and similarities between the jobs? #career #jobs #minimum

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Tiffanie Jul 20, 2016 1003 views

Would employers rather see internships/jobs or volunteer work?

Just wondering what is weight more as a prospective employer looks at your resume #career #resume #employer

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Tiffanie Jul 18, 2016 2231 views

What is more important? Your GPA or your experience?

When prospective employeers look at your resume, Which qualification has a greater chance in the employee getting a job ?
#college #career #jobs #resume #gpa

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Tiffanie Jul 18, 2016 669 views

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle while also working a lot ?

Even as a college student I struggle with this already. Between classes and studying it's hard to make time for the gym and eating healthy when you want to get back to your next job asap. #college #lifestyle #multitasking

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Tiffanie Jul 17, 2016 802 views

If you transfer your sophomore year in college how long will it take to accumulate a bachelor's degree?

Thinking about transferring to a school that is more focused on my career path #college #career #school #goal

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Tiffanie Jul 17, 2016 737 views

Do you get used to corporate jobs?

Handling your employeers, paperwork.. As a student looking on to my bosses and employees, it seems as if they are usually stressed and constantly busy. #work #corporate #responsibility

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Tiffanie Jul 15, 2016 785 views

Is fashion marketing too far of a stretch?

Am I taking it too far when I say I want to be a fashion marketer? I am currently studying communications and business. Is fashion marketing out of reach from where I am? #career #marketing #fashion

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Tiffanie Jul 15, 2016 728 views

Are there stereotypes towards different majors/jobs? If yes, What are those stereotypes?

It seems like in college there are bias that fields lie science, accounting.. and so and much harder than other fields. #majors #field #stereotypes

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Tiffanie Jul 15, 2016 922 views

How important is having a career goal?

What if you are a person who does not know your interest or skills? What would you suggest this person to do if they don't know. #college #career #skills #goal

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Tiffanie Jul 15, 2016 651 views

Doyou usually end up in the same social status as your parents?

My friend told this to me once and I was wondering the validity of it. If you are middle class will you end up staying in the middle class?.. If you are in the higher class.. and so forth. #job #work

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Tiffanie Jul 14, 2016 983 views

What is the most important thing you want to get out of your life?

I guess if you rephrase the question it could be; what is the purpose of life? Why do we do what we do.. #career #philosophy

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Tiffanie Jul 14, 2016 1028 views

Is how happy you are related to how successful you are?

If you think you are happy, are you also successful? haha i don't really know what to say. I guess in my opinion I believe this isn't true because you can be happy without being successful, just content. #career #success #happy

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Tiffanie Jul 13, 2016 1109 views

What is a good way to get jobs?

Most jobs are now accepting applications online, so you don't go in person and ask for an interview. Is there another way that gives you a higher chance of getting the job you want? How did you get the jobs you have? #career #money #job

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Tiffanie Jul 13, 2016 1146 views

Are you satisfied with your jobs?

I believe most people answering the questions on careervillage are mainly people who are willing to help students find their way as they grow older. As a person who is helping others such as us students on career village, are you satisfied with where you are now #college #career #jobs #life

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Tiffanie Jul 12, 2016 720 views

Does the major you have affect your job in the future?

I know a couple people who have graduated college and have not a job specific to their majors. Depending on the field, they either work in low-paying jobs still trying to find higher wage jobs while others work in jobs that are related but not specific to their major #college #school #major #degree

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Tiffanie Jul 12, 2016 833 views

What should I do before graduating college?

The real world (I'm assuming) is definitely different from the college bubble. Before I graduate college, what should I prepare for /expect from the real world? #college #graduate-school

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Tiffanie Jul 11, 2016 625 views

How much college credit transfer when you switch schools?

I am thinking about going to a school in the city instead of a school from upstate. I want to know how many college credits will transfer over if I completed all my gen eds in the upstate college. #college #gpa #credits