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Madison, WI
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Barry R. Dec 12, 2016 566 views

What are some study skills or daily habits that really helped you stay organized in College and Medical School?

In a few years I'll be out of highschool and entering college with the hopes of getting accepted to med-school and UCSF. I wish to know, essentially, how to stay balanced in college. #medicine #healthcare #university #mathematics #college-bound #physics #biomedical-engineering...


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Barry R. Oct 23, 2016 454 views

What books or information should I get into or read to help me prosper in the Medical field, college, and med. school?

My name is Barry, I wish to go into the medical field so that I can become an Anesthesiologist. Currently I am in the 11th grade and enrolled in the International Baccalaureate programme hoping to gain some insight on what the medical field is like and what knowledge I should gain to help get...

#anesthesiology #health #science #medicine #healthcare #biomedical-engineering #applied-mathematics #mathematics