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I want to become a marriage and family counselor. I have no idea what that realistically looks like or the steps it takes to get me there. Any advice would be much appreciated, Thanks in advance. P.S. I'm currently looking into graduate schools and studying for the GRE.



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Angela A. Aug 02, 2019 245 views

What are some things to do as I prepare to take courses for marriage and family counseling?

When I say things to do, I mean how to personally prepare myself. In terms of mentally; maybe volunteer programs that could give me an idea of what I might be getting into, open internships; anything that could give me some tangible experience; or even just some advice. internship...

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Angela A. May 31, 2017 792 views

Is the graduate school supposed to pay for you to attend?

I have heard people say that if the graduate school is not paying for you to come then something is wrong. Does it depend on the school, or major, or something else? I don't understand how this works or what it really means. psychology graduate-school clinical-psychology...


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Angela A. May 31, 2017 709 views

How does graduate school work?

I am confused about what goes in graduate school. I understand that it's usually taken after going to college and sometimes you have to take a test to get into one, depending on your career choice or the degree you're seeking, right? graduate-school clinical-psychology counseling-psychology...


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Angela A. May 31, 2017 652 views

How would a college graduate go about finding a job in clinical psychology?

I'm graduating soon and want to know what first or next steps I can take to get closer to being a marriage and family counselor. clinical-psychology counseling-psychology family-therapy marriage-therapist marriage-counselor...


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Angela A. May 31, 2017 15112 views

Under what category would psychology or clinical psychology be considered in?

I was looking on LinkedIn and I couldn't decide or figure out what industry psychology or any occupation related to it falls under. I was guessing human resources but I haven't received any good recommendations so I feel like it's wrong. psychology human-resources clinical-psychology...


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Angela A. Mar 30, 2017 716 views

When conducting a session with a client in therapy or counseling, what are the limits to where you can meet?

I have heard that some therapists/counselors do house calls (please correct me if I am wrong). Does this mean that the client could come to the counselor's home? What are the rules for this? I've also heard that you can't have a social life outside of the office with clients. Does this mean you...

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Angela A. Mar 30, 2017 4894 views

What are the average working hours of a counselor? Does it depend on the type or individual? Is there a cut off time?

I want to say that it would be like a 9-5 job because a counselor has to have his/her own time for their life right? I also feel like sometimes clients are in placed in tough positions and see the counselor/ therapist as their only place of comfort. counselor therapist family-therapy...

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Angela A. Mar 30, 2017 473 views

Does a psychology major absolutely have to do something in research or work on an experiment before moving on to graduate school?

I've heard my professors say things about doing research or getting involved with a professor who is doing research. I want to know if it is a requirement before I can graduate; does it depend on what my interests are; or is it an option? psychology...


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Angela A. Mar 27, 2017 718 views

What is the difference between therapy and counseling?

I always hear and see others referring to marriage counselors or marriage therapists as if they are the same things. No one has ever explained whether the two are the same or two separate occupations. I'd like to be informed so that I know which one I want to pursue more. psychology counselor...


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Angela A. Mar 27, 2017 655 views

What qualities best work with being a marriage and family counselor?

I am not that great at giving people advice but I have a really strong passion for wanting to help marriages or families in trouble. I'd like to do whatever I can ( ethically) to assist these individuals, couples, and any others to be fulfilling but right now I'm just not strong in that area....

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Angela A. Mar 27, 2017 545 views