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Kerrie McArthur

Senior Aquatic Biologist at Confluence Environmental Company
Environmental Services
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David May 12, 2021 412 views

What types of Colleges or Universities offer classes on Environmental science? (Or Environmental science research if possible)

Hey, I'm David. I am 16 years old and am looking for colleges or Universities that focus on research rather than hands on.#Environment #environmental-science #Ecology #environmental-services #research

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Jan 24, 2018 557 views

Is it better to buy or rent textbooks?

I know textbooks are really expensive in college so I wanted to know the best plan for getting textbooks. Does buying or renting make a difference in the cost of textbooks? If buying is better, should I get used or new books? #college #textbooks #cost

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Oct 25, 2016 986 views

How do you think the increasing environmental issues of the planet will impact the field of environmental science and studies?

I have been interested in studying the environment since my freshman year in high school when I took my first environmental biology class and wonder how the ever increasing issues that the environment today is facing will end up changing various parts of the study. For example, job...