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Kylee’s Avatar
Kylee Oct 30, 2018 484 views

How do you find out what scores a school really wants for the SAT and ACT?

I've been told that some schools only require one test or the other, but how do you find what a specific school wants and the minimum score requirements? #sat #college #act #testing

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Jul 10, 2018 662 views

Is Chinese a good language to learn?

I am planning on minoring in Business. Will learning Chinese be helpful, even though I will be living in the U.S.A? # Business #Chinese

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Jul 09, 2018 480 views

Is it a good idea to take summer classes?

#summer #school

Tinni’s Avatar
Tinni May 04, 2018 386 views

I know I want to major in something business related, but what are the best majors before getting an MBA?

I don’t want to do my undergraduate degree in marketing or business but I want a concentration of study that emphasizes people centered and economy based curriculum.


Kaila’s Avatar
Kaila May 24, 2018 861 views

How can a young college student make connections?

#college-student #student #students #student-development #student-development #students #college-student

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey May 24, 2018 498 views

What is the most challenging aspect of being a college professor?

#college #professor #phd #tenure

Rebekah’s Avatar
Rebekah May 25, 2018 412 views

How do you make the transition from college to the work force?

I know my mom went to a job fair at her college and was then offered her first job, but it's not the same everywhere. #first-job

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly May 31, 2018 480 views

What Majors are music-related?

I'm considering majoring in music but it might depend on what's offered in a college/university. I just want to know all my options. #music #music-production #musician

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan May 31, 2018 433 views

Will Ivy League colleges continue to function if their requirements keep getting tougher?

Many students get discouraged about applying to Ivy League colleges because of their steep requirements for applications... #requirements #IvyLeague

Tee’s Avatar
Tee Jun 06, 2018 566 views

What is considered too old for references on resumes?

Hello, I've worked several jobs throughout the years but I have a closer bond with my past supervisors from my first two jobs. Would it look suspicious if I kept those references or should I ask people from my more recent jobs? I don't have any issues with my other supervisors but I feel the...

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Jun 07, 2018 1325 views

How important is it to have the right edition of a textbook for class?

I'm having a hard time finding the right edition of textbooks for math, psychology, and human anatomy and physics. I have found the right authors and books, but the editions are a little off. How important is it to get the exact edition? #nursing-student #math #psychology #anatomy-and-physics

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 27, 2018 695 views

How does working long hours affect your relationships, hobbies, and interests?

I'd like to direct this question mainly to those in the medical field because that is what I'm looking to go into, but any insights are greatly appreciated! Even as a high school student I've had to put some of hobbies and interests on the back burner because of all of the school work and...

Kellen’s Avatar
Kellen May 28, 2018 567 views

How likely is a company willing to hire a college graduate with a masters degree as opposed to someone with experience.

The degree will be from TTU #hiring #hiring

Sam McInnis’s Avatar
Sam May 29, 2018 4698 views

Can law schools see how many other schools i have applied to, or which ones i have received offers from?

#law #lawyer #lawschool #law-school #lawschooladmissions #law-school-admissions

Inaara’s Avatar
Inaara May 31, 2018 850 views

How can I network with individuals at a dream company if they do not recruit at my university?

#networking #recruiting