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Tatjana A.’s Avatar
Tatjana A. May 12, 2018 477 views

How do I work while in college?

Should I plan a college schedule and course list with the thought of a job in mind, or should I just create my schedule based on class availability and find a job that fits that realm after? work college balance...


Abdulwahab A.’s Avatar
Abdulwahab A. May 14, 2018 425 views

Late graduate student chance of work?

Am an undergraduate student who is a bit worried that I am looking to graduate at my late 20's. Is that going to negatively affect my chances of employment? undergraduate...


Marcus H.’s Avatar
Marcus H. Jul 26, 2018 260 views

What Happens if i graduate from college and do not get my dream job?

This Question is explanatory, but It is a serious question that i have never taken into consideration until my senior year of high school. I would just like anyones opinion on the situation and has it happened to anyone before? college-major...


San D.’s Avatar
San D. Jan 07, 2019 400 views

Affordable online school for accounting degree?

I’m a former college student and now I’m looking to go back to school. I want to complete my bachelors degree on Accounting. But due to my personal situation I can’t attend traditional college. So I’m looking for affordable online school from where I can complete my degree. accounting...

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daijion C.’s Avatar
daijion C. Nov 14, 2019 288 views
jordan G.’s Avatar
jordan G. Dec 02, 2019 472 views

what are diffrent job options

what are different job options...


Erick G.’s Avatar
Erick G. Mar 20, 2020 847 views

Is it even worth it to look for an internship for this summer?

I was looking for an accounting internship but with COVID-19 is it even worth my time? accounting...


Eva T.’s Avatar
Eva T. Jul 08, 2020 275 views

Professional jobs that don't involve spending all day on the computer

I'm a political science college grad with experience working in the courts system, legal support, and criminal justice policy. I've realized that I don't like spending all day on the computer, and most of the professional jobs that I've had involve a lot of solo computer work. This last...

criminology law teaching higher-education criminal-justice investigations

Aniya W.’s Avatar
Aniya W. Aug 23, 2020 424 views

Which is more beneficial? A double major or a Master's degree.

I'm thinking about a career in the Fintech industry. Would it be better for me to double major in Finance and Computer science or just to go for a single major and get a Master's degree? P.s - I'm in the Early College Program majors career # college finance technology...


Bahara S.’s Avatar
Bahara S. Aug 26, 2020 472 views

Will double minor add value to my degree?

I am going to my 4th year of University and majoring in Accounting. I am considering doing a double minor in Finance and International Business. I am concern about double minors. Will double minors add value to my degree? and is it a good minor to choose with my major in Accounting? Need some...

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