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Ron L. Oct 29, 2016 403 views

What is the most payed job in the USA?

I have heard of medicine is the most pay, what else? #career #medicine...


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Kimia M. Nov 01, 2016 429 views

Is it beneficial to show evidence of branching out in my career and expanding upon my future career options by minoring in a field different from my major?

I am planning on entering college as a bioengineering major, though that is subjective to change depending on the college. However, I was wondering whether it would be beneficial for me to apply with a business, political science, or history minor to add more to my resume and degree. It would...

#political-science #stem #engineering #graduate-school #college-major #college #business #career

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Albert P. Dec 09, 2016 420 views

Which colleges/universities should I apply to?

I live in California, and I am reluctant to go too far for college. I would like to stay relatively close to home, so I can visit my parents and come back home without having to travel too far. I'm interested in computer science and psychology, and I would like to do something in one of those...

#engineering #university #college #psychology #science #career #computer

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Nada D. Jan 02, 2017 585 views

What is the meaning of liberal arts?

I understand what visual arts and all that kind of stuff is but most universities near me are classified as liberal arts institutions. If the meaning is anything like visual arts then why is there business and science and other majors that would have nothing to do with that? #college...

#university #higher-education #liberal-arts

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Tyra I. Feb 15, 2017 325 views

How would you move forward with your career choice after graduating college?

how would you work on the transition from college to the real world? #college...


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Bridget S. Feb 25, 2017 526 views

What are some grad schools that offer a Master of Finance degree?

Looking into graduate school and starting a list of possible graduate schools that offer a Master of Finance degree. #finance #higher-education #colleges #masters-degree #mba #corporate-finance...


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Brian M. Mar 31, 2017 886 views

I'm interested in everything and good at everything, what direction should I go in?

I hate tooting my own horn but...I'm the nerd's geek. In school, and I went to a pretty tough school (for USA), I performed equally well in pretty much anything I put effort into. Not only that, but my interests are so varied. I could spend all day reading literature, or analyzing film,...

#engineering #academic-advising #higher-education #literature #math #science

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Kristen K. Apr 04, 2017 603 views

How do I write a meaningful cover letter?

I'm having problems drafting cover letters for potential employers. I don't know how to start the letter in order to grab their attention, and I don't know how to talk about myself without sounding like I'm tooting my own horn a little too much. Any advice would be appreciated! #college...

#cover-letters #career

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Ruth B. May 15, 2017 413 views

Creating A cafe

So I want to set up and have a running cafe when I get older. I'm in 10th grade now. Would it be best to start saving up money and plan how I want my cafe now? Or should I wait? #career #finance #career-counseling #career-path #restaurants #project-planning...


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Ruth G. Sep 01, 2017 369 views

Where can I volunteer in Portland Oregon?

The reason for me asking is because I think it will help with my career choice and get a more understanding on helping people. #make-a-change #volunteering #volunteerism #career #career-counseling...


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Garima J. Oct 08, 2017 423 views

How do you know which job/career is right for you?

Hi, I'm interested in knowing how do you know when you know you are in the right role/career/ job. I have so many interests and want to do so many things that I feel that I can get lost in everything I want to do and lose sight. #job #career #career-development #career-choice...


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Francisco U. Nov 16, 2017 375 views

Is keeping up with work difficult???

i want to know so I can be ready for whatever work I get #lawyer #career #career-counseling #work...


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Devetra C. Dec 04, 2017 385 views
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Sabina B. Dec 31, 2017 316 views
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Daniella K. Jan 16, 2018 261 views

When should someone decide on what career to pursue?

I am interested in different occupations and am not sure what I would like to pursue most. I wonder at what stage in life most people figure this out and how many are happy with what they chose as opposed to changing their minds at some point in life....


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Clotia S. Jan 16, 2018 297 views

If I Major In Buisness How Would I Turn That Into A Career ? What Could I Do With A Degree From That ?

I Need To Kno That I Can Have A Career With What I Would Major In . And How Could I Use My Degree To Be Successful In Life , Because I Really Still Am Undecided Still But I Have A Couple Ideas Of What I Wanna Do But I'm Still Not Completely Sure #business-management #undecided #business...

#college-major #career

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Tabatha J. Jan 16, 2018 180 views

What steps should be taken in order for an individual to discover their purpose?

I am asking this question because I used to feel that I had no purpose until I started paying closer attention to the small details. #career-choice #career-counseling...


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Josephine K. Jan 16, 2018 293 views

How can low income students be encouraged to pursue a higher education?

Few people that I have visited living in a low income community have made the excuse that the lack of them being successful is the reason behind how less resourceful their community is. But, In my perspective that reason is invalid because I also live in a low income community. For that...

#higher-education #college #education #community #low-income #social-activism

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Cortney L. Jan 16, 2018 241 views
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Nabeeha K. Jan 17, 2018 252 views

What career pathways can I follow with a Political science degree?

I’m planning on majoring in political science but am unsure of what I want to do with this degree. I know I can go into law but I’d like to know about other career pathway options as well. #law #politicalscience #politics #government #career #undecided...


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Madison P. Jan 18, 2018 354 views

What makes a good job candidate?

As someone going into the work field and a little brother who's going to as well I want to know the basic requirements for a good job candidate so that I might be able to help him and myself. #job-search-strategies #career-counseling #career #job-search #resume-writing...


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Charlotte A. Jan 22, 2018 223 views

How can you start a career without going to college?

I'm asking this because I'm skeptical about going to a UC. I am going to community college because my dad wants me to because we are broke. But I don't know if I want to continue to go to school after that, and I want to know how I can get a good career that pays good money without going to...

#career #money #college #jobs

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naomi H. Jan 23, 2018 255 views

What are some actions or thoughts that defined you'r career?

50-70% of students change their majors at least once. Among 2,134 workers, 32% said they have never worked in a field related to their major. I was wondering, what lead you to choose your career and how are you different from the next person in the same career? #career...


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Mireia R. Feb 17, 2018 317 views

Would you recommend graduating early in college if you have all the credits?

My fields of study may require lots of graduate school so is there a way to shorten the time I'm working towards a bachelor's? If so, how? And is that recommended? I really appreciate personal experience and guidance. #college #college-advice #higher-education #colleges #college-major...

#graduation #college-admissions #college-selection #college-bound #early-graduation #college-advising

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Mireia R. Feb 19, 2018 230 views
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Hannah H. Mar 26, 2018 335 views

What do I base my college major on?

Should someone be choosing their major on whether they'll be making enough money in the future to financially support themselves or if it's a major that will in the end make them happy. I know the ultimate answer would be to do what makes you happy but is it possible to do that while being...

#college-major #college #financial-risk #money #career

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Thomas L. Mar 27, 2018 205 views