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Mary Oct 10, 2018 384 views

What will I be expecting if I go into Vet Tech at the University of Kingsville?

Also, is it possible to earn a medicine degree for Vet in Kingsville? or what is the process? #veterinary #veterinary-medicine #veterinarian #medicine #animals

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Oct 10, 2018 403 views

What's the difference in being a Vet Tech and holding a medicine degree in Vet?

I'm not sure how long both would be for. Apparently to have a degree in medicine for animals in TAMUK is four years, but in TAMU is to get a Ph.D. I'm not entirely sure of the depths of Veterinary degrees in different colleges but I'd like to be informed. #veterinary-medicine #veterinarian...

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Oct 10, 2018 447 views

What will i be expecting if i enter the University of College Station for Vet tech and Veterinary Medicine?

#medicine #veterinary-medicine #veterinary-medicine #veterinary #collegestation

Jeniffer’s Avatar
Jeniffer Aug 31, 2018 473 views

How do scholarships send colleges or universities the money they grant?

When you earn a scholarship, what must be done next? How do you secure the money you earned? #universites #money #scholarships #savings

Ansley’s Avatar
Ansley Sep 28, 2018 351 views

Why do people prefer living off campus?

I understand the pros and cons of living on campus, I'd like to here some perspectives of those who enjoyed an off campus experience.

Ansley’s Avatar
Ansley Sep 28, 2018 386 views

Do you prefer urban, suburban, or rural campus and why?

I don't have much opportunity to visit and huge variety of colleges and was wondering what others thought of these main settings for a college campus

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Sep 27, 2018 535 views

I feel like I am not getting involved in college as much as I should. I basically go to my classes and that's it. I don't really go out or anything... I'm majoring in dietetics and want to get involved in some things related to that or just overall fun activities, but I'm not sure what or how. Any suggestions?

#college #involvement #college-advice #college-selection

Twain’s Avatar
Twain Sep 28, 2018 392 views

What is the most challenging part about transitioning from one degree to another?

I am transitioning from a Professional Pilot degree program into Aerospace Logistics. The transition is huge, as I am also moving to complete this degree. I am looking for some positive feedback about transitioning into a new degree. #AerospaceLogistics #Aviation

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Sep 29, 2018 491 views

Is it better to have a less personal recommendation from someone with high authority, or a more personal recommendation from someone with a lower position?

#recommendations #applications #job-search #college-applications #college-admissions

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Oct 24, 2016 799 views

I have worked with horses for 10 years now and I really want to pursue a career involving horses. What would be the best job (best salary, best job outlook, etc) in the horse field?

Like I said, I have been working with horse for about ten years now. I have always taken a special interest in all animals, but horses hold a special place in my heart. I am in high school currently and I am looking at my future career options. I want to do the best of the best jobs with...

Melanie’s Avatar
Melanie Jan 22, 2018 647 views

What are the best classes to take as an Animal Science major trying to become a vet?

I have been accepted as an Animal Science major in college. I plan to apply to a veterinary school in 4 years. What are the best classes that would prepare me for this path?
#animalscience #animalsciencemajor #college #collegeclasses #veterinary

Alex ’s Avatar
Alex May 04, 2017 1084 views

how much schooling does a veterinarian need?

I want to know how long i would have to go to school #veterinary

Isabelle’s Avatar
Isabelle Sep 01, 2017 527 views

What sre the steps to take to become a veterinary technician?

I am interested in becoming a veterinary technician and I need to find out the steps I need to take to start my career. #veterinary-technician #veterinary

Genaro’s Avatar
Genaro May 30, 2017 793 views

How can I get hands on experience and better knowledge within the field of Veterinary medicine?

I personally love the field of medicine and animals have always been a passion of mine. I am soon to be a senior in high school, 11th grade, and my applications are heading out to top schools in this area. I am looking for any ways to better my chances on being accepted through extra activities...

Michaela’s Avatar
Michaela Sep 01, 2017 747 views

How do you get into Veterinary School?

I want to know what I can do to get into vet school. What kind of experience are they looking for, and what might be some of the questions asked in the interview. I am really passionate about animals and want to be a vet really bad, but I don't want to wait multiple years before I get in....