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Kelly I. Sep 01, 2017 581 views

I am interested in pursuing a career in nursing. will it be worth it to go to a community college or a university?

I have looked all over the internet to find out what is better to do. There is a shortage on nurses, which means lots of jobs. I want to know if it is necessary to go to either. My dream is so go to a university and have the college experience. I also want to come out with a job and only a...

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Camille N. Jan 17, 2018 277 views
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Rachel H. Jan 18, 2018 428 views

What is the best college in Texas to get a BSN?

I want to go to the best college possible with a Bachelors of Nursing in Science. #medical-practice #medicine #nursing...


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Michaela K. Jan 25, 2018 570 views

What sparks one's calling towards a career?

For most teenagers today, its very confusing and mentally challenging choosing a career path for one's whole future. For me, I want to go into the medical field. I am currently in my school's CNA and CMAA certification program. Just this week when I went to a nursing home for hours, the...

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Ream G. Mar 26, 2018 576 views

What is the best major for Medical School?

I hear a lot of people choose majors other than pre-med/biology based majors even though they plan to take the MCAT and go to medical school. I am currently thinking about being a biochemistry major or entering the engineering department and am wondering whether that will have a significant...

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