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how many year do a pediatrician have to go to school.

I am out going , nice, love kids, smart and more. I will like to be a pediatrician because i #pediatrician love kids and helping other but my...

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Were and how do you get peace in school with so much people around?

Diego's been my name for the past 20 years all I'm looking for is peace in my heart I feel like I have been trough a lot in the past 20 years of age that I have this is why I ask this question like school really the answer? #college #college-major #school...


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what classes are needed to become a botanist

what classes did you take in college to go into the field of botany...


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How much does a plumber make a year

I'm deciding on a electrician or plumber for my future job #money #job...


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what inspires you?

my mother inspires me everyday because she tells me that i have the potential to do anything. she never fails to understand me or support me. she is my role model and with her by my side, i CAN do anything....