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Joseline R. Jun 18, 2019 179 views

What jobs can I work at 14?

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Jeffrey E. Jun 20, 2019 100 views

How much will a automotive master mechanic make after five years ?

I am a current student in Job Corps and looking for advice about automotive engineering...


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Cat V. Jun 20, 2019 98 views
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Alberto H. Jul 12, 2019 106 views
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Samantha F. Aug 01, 2019 92 views

Why aren’t there enough good teachers ?

Because Everyone Wants To Be MILLIONAIRES! Not me , I Want to be the best teacher I can be to the the students of Washington DC....


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Omar G. Aug 06, 2019 165 views
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Alexis T. Aug 19, 2019 175 views

What is a good way to get my career jump started after graduate?

I graduated from GSU in December and I am looking for a position in the field of psychology but it’s really hard. I have not been very successful. #psychology #career...


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stephen H. Aug 21, 2019 170 views
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Nazareth V. Aug 23, 2019 98 views

How much education is needed to become an dietitian?

Whenever I have a appointment with my dietitian she informs me nutrition facts about different foods that i find so interesting for example meat,cheese, and egg don't have any carbs. #teaching #education...


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Daniela F. Aug 27, 2019 125 views

Is becoming a teacher a good job, what more should I know?

My name is Daniela and I am in the 10th grade. Growing up, I always told myself that I wanted to become a teacher and now that I am a bit more older, I am trying to understand more and I really have to decide. I know I do want to become a teacher but I don't know if it is best for me or if I...


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Arbi B. Aug 27, 2019 90 views

How much does the Diesel Mechanic get paid hourly or annually?

I am in job corps trying to get a better understanding on Auto Motive just need a little help on what the benefits is like. #mechanical-engineering #job #engineering...