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Edmond Momartin

Technology Security & Compliance @AT&T | MBA Infosec | ISSA-LA OWASP-LA ISSAEF Board
Telecommunication ISP MSSP
Los Angeles, California
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Javien’s Avatar
Javien Oct 25 150 views

How will I be able to achieve my dream in the field of computer programming?

I want to learn how to computer program inorder to achieve my dream in cyber security ip networking and hobby of game development and computer programming

Dale’s Avatar
Dale Sep 08 226 views

3.can you describe a typical work day? #cybersecurity

I'm Interested in knowing how a typical day as a cyber security specialist would be like.

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Jun 28 287 views

Career Path to the FBI

Hello, I was trying to figure out the best way to get on a career path to the FBI, Im majoring in Information Technology with a focus in cyber security, and I love to travel as well. So was just wanting some advice on that

Freddie’s Avatar
Freddie May 28 466 views

What does a cyber crime investigator actually do?

Is it boring?

Do ya´ll just catch pedofiles all day or is there something more?

Is it a fufilling career?

Can dumb people be good in this feild?

Do you need to have a strong mentallity or stomatch to do this job?

Marcus’s Avatar
Marcus May 03 221 views

What other careers can you get into with skills from cybersecurity?

I want to get into cyber security, and I've gotten good advice so far. But if for some reason, the career ends up not working for me, what other careers can I pursue with those same skills?

Sowmiya’s Avatar
Sowmiya May 18, 2016 767 views

how many degree want to become a

hi i am studing 10 std.i want to know the answer #it-sales #it-audit

Marcus’s Avatar
Marcus Apr 28 282 views

How difficult is it to learn javascript and get into cybersecurity?

How hard is it to pursue Cybersecurity as a profession if you really want to do it as a career for the rest of your working life?

Landon’s Avatar
Landon Apr 26 294 views

How different is being a Computer Systems Analyst from being a Information Security Analyst?

I am interested in both careers but I am wondering which might be a better pick for me. I am interested in the IT field so either sounds good to me.

James’s Avatar
James Apr 29 243 views

Information Security Analyst

What is the most money you can make as a Information Security Analyst? Why did you want to be a Information Security Analyst? How much work is involved with being a Information Security Analyst? Is there any travel in being a Information Security Analyst What do you like about being a...

Sian’s Avatar
Sian Apr 19 224 views

Do I have to be really good with computers to be an information security analyzer?

I know how to do basics on computers, but I do not think I am all that tech-savvy.

Jared Chung’s Avatar
Jared Oct 06, 2021 222 views

Do security pentesters work steady hours or are they basically freelance?

(I want to be transparent right up front: I'm not a student. I'm a staff member at But I'm posting this question because although we have many questions related to #cybersecurity, we don't have this one, and I think our students would love to know the answer.) My question:...

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle May 10, 2021 1435 views

How would I be satisfied?

Hi, I’m a freshman in high school. Time is strange to me, this year had gone by fast. I will be in tenth grade next year and it’s scary. I mean I have no goals while everyone is running ahead already. I don’t even think I will make it to college. What happens after that? What if I’m just going...

Azandia’s Avatar
Azandia Feb 21, 2017 559 views

Where is a good place to go work with a degree in forensica

Working places #computer-forensics #cyber-crime

stephany’s Avatar
stephany Sep 14, 2016 873 views

what program language should i learn next already experienced with java and python

i have no one who has experience in computer science #computer-security

Tanekqa’s Avatar
Tanekqa Jul 18, 2019 465 views

How competitive is the homeland security industry?

#cyber-security #corrections #guard #police