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David Apr 05 191 views

What is the hardest thing about computer science and who can I do to overcome those things?

What is the most challenging thing about computer science and what should I do to overcome those things.

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Howard Mar 25 187 views

what are some projects that a beginner progammer can work on?

I only know python

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Bryan Mar 25 198 views

How does someone prepare for a computer science field career?

What are some things that I need to prepare for when I'm looking for a computer science field career? I'm interested in knowing what credential I need, the skills, etc.

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Jason Mar 26 322 views

Is coding stressful?

Is coding stressful?

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Sam Mar 03 896 views

What are some common interview questions for cyber security?

I'm a recent grad interviewing for a rotational program in cyber security. I'm completing a certificate in cyber security & digital forensics but so far that's the only exposure I have to cyber security. As of now I have very basic knowledge about the following topics: sensitive data...

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Shrividya Mar 23, 2021 664 views

what is difference between software and hardware engineering justify

#computer-science #computer-engineering

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Sarah Apr 15, 2014 2269 views

Hi, I'd like to know how a day in the life of a typical operations researcher is. Also, how you got there.

I was really interested in this field and would like to know more. #management #consulting #operations #analytics

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Archana May 05, 2016 1057 views

How to become a software engineer?

What are the steps to complete software engineering? #computer-software

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Rafael Feb 15, 2017 2093 views

What is the most exciting part of being an architect?

I am very interested in becoming an architect and I want to know what part of a project is the most fun or exciting. Is it designing the general layout of the building or designing the interior? Where do you think you make the most impact in the design of a building? #architecture...

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Lilli Oct 12, 2017 800 views

After a 5 year architecture undergrad program should I go to graduate school?

I like the idea of going to a B.Arch program but I also would like to go to grad school. Would you recommend continuing to get a architecture masters after a B.Arch or is that a waste of money and time. And if it is advisable to get a masters in architecture after a B.Arch then should I work in...

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Keira Jan 18, 2018 3796 views

What qualifications it takes to become an architect?

To influence my decision into going in a career in architecture by providing me more knowledge of what an architect do. Thanks for reading my question.
#architecture #architecture-and-planning #information-architecture #interior-architecture #server-architecture #architect

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Jaei Mar 19, 2018 1710 views

What are the main job objectives when being an Architect?

#architecture #architect #information-architecture

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preethi Apr 06, 2017 3671 views

How can I start a career as an AWS Solutions Architect?

I'm a fresher, planning to start a career in cloud computing. I have completed my graduation in computer science , where i took a course in architecture of cloud computing. What are the career opportunities are freshers in cloud computing,. What are the career opportunities if i have a amazon...

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Aun Mar 01, 2020 541 views

How Should I Start Learning about Machine Learning at the Age of 15?

I don't want to be jumping all over the place, but this is just to keep in the side of my mind as I refine my web development skills and learn the general tools that a full-stack engineer utilizes. At 15, how do you recommend I begin to take interest in machine learning? I've always found it...

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michael Mar 13, 2020 582 views

what is the best computer project

#college #computer-software

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mikayla Nov 08, 2019 411 views

How much do computer scientists get paid hourly?

#computer #information-technology #computer-science

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Ram Nov 26, 2019 379 views

How different would a path be for someone wanting to do data science work by taking a graduate program in Business Analytics instead of the traditional Data Science path?

Hi, I'm a Computer Science graduate. I'm planning for a Master's program and the Business Analytics program looks interesting, but most programs are 10months, comparing that with a MSCS programs? How different of a job role would it be. Thanks. #computer-science #business #graduate-school...

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imoni Jan 15, 2020 516 views

How many years of college do i have to do to become a computer science support specialist ?

I am a 12th grade student and I would like to major in computer science and become a computer science support specialist. #computer-science #college #computer #technology

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Alexander Nov 20, 2019 430 views

How many years of college do you suggest for a computer scientist

#technology #computer #software #computer-science #information-technology

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Milton Nov 27, 2019 432 views

how competitive is college for someone interest becoming a computer network architect

#architecture #architect #computer-science #computer-software

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Milton Nov 27, 2019 725 views

what is required to join a computer network architect

#computer #architect #computer-science #computer-science

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aniyah Nov 08, 2019 563 views

what do robotic engineers do

#software #engineer #engineering

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Alexander Nov 20, 2019 487 views

What is the biggest challenge of a Computer Scientist?

#computer-science #computer-programming #technology

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dharani Jul 30, 2019 513 views

Iam persuing final year btech in computer science, iam confused to start my career with itfield or to prepare for govt jobs


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Jesus Aug 07, 2019 535 views

What ablities and skills are needed in the computer tech field?

#computer #technology

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Jesus Aug 07, 2019 426 views

What is it like to work with computer technology?

#technology #computer #computer-engineering #computer-programming

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Emily Jun 07, 2019 397 views

I'm interesting in getting a master's or PhD degree in Architecture History, what are my options?

I'm currently an architecture student pursuing a B.Arch but I'm interesting in eventually studying architecture history more specifically, are there any departments/programs that offer a master's of PhD in that specialization or would I have to go through a more general Art History program?...

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Bala Apr 30, 2019 421 views

11th computer science group best or not


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XI Jul 18, 2019 279 views

What kind of job I can get after I graduate from computer science PHD

I change my major from Management Information System to computer science .I have no idea what job can I get in the future. My research direction is wireless network. #computer-science #technology

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Jielyn Jun 23, 2019 446 views

What are some high school requirements for software engineering?

#engineering #computer-software #software