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DAMI K. May 07, 2019 428 views

What kinds of job do they have with a major in General Studies of BS?


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Kate K. Oct 01, 2018 409 views

Does where I get my undergraduate degree impact acceptance into Med School?

#premed #doctor -school #medicine

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Tess W. Apr 18, 2019 499 views

How can I complete medical school while working?

I want to be a doctor, but worry about the financial burden of undergraduate and medical school. I am an independent student financially supporting myself. I am looking for tips on how to find a job with flexible hours and navigating school requirements. #doctor #medicine #premed...

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noel B. May 03, 2019 339 views

How long/ how much schooling is there when it comes to becoming general,peds surgeon or when it comes to going into OBGYN?

#College #SchoolingTime #MedSchool #surgery #premed