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Posted on Jun 15, 2016

I want to graduate from medical school and become a radiologist. Specifically, I would love to work with ultrasound, but things like MRI and x-rays interest me as well.

Context: I've heard that you're not required to major in biology or chemistry to apply to medical school. I do love the sciences, but I would love to take the opportunity to get myself a well-rounded education too. I'm thinking about some majors right now. I wish to study French or maybe math, alongside pre-med classes. I'm not really sure what medical schools are looking for extracurricular-wise, so I need some help planning that. Some job shadowing and volunteering at a hospital would be amazing experiences. I want to become a radiologist because I think it's a way for me to make a positive difference in the world. I've been studying in school my entire life, which is great, but there's no point unless I use my hard-earned skills to change my community for the better. Medicine is an incredible way to accomplish just that.
College: I'll likely be a French or math major.
Other Education: medical school, residency, fellowship
Activities: I'm unsure about this one.
Job Experience: I haven’t had any yet.
Soft Skills: I love talking to people and working as a team!
Hard Skills: I'm bilingual and currently learning a third language, which is French. I'm also good at science and math.
Other: N/A #college #career #medicine #radiology

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Posted on Feb 11, 2016

I'm still deciding between radiology, ophthalmology, mechanical engineering, and aerospace engineering.

If I go into medicine, I want to major in biochemistry and volunteer at a hospital. After that, I want to go immediately to medical school (after taking the MCAT, etc.), before applying for residency/fellowship. If I go into engineering, I can major directly in engineering and go from there. I think I'll be all right with a Bachelor's degree in engineering, but I might also go to graduate school in either mechanical or aerospace engineering. Currently, I'm struggling with my college search. I have no idea which colleges I want to go to, and I'm not sure where to start. #engineering #career #medicine #mechanical-engineering

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Anna K. Jun 10, 2018 188 views

How much should I consider tuition costs in school decisions?

I am an undergraduate student thinking about potential future opportunities. This is my current "list of options" - - MD program - PhD program - Masters program - Career Yes, I do have my personal reasons for choosing a career in science/medicine. No, I am not choosing a career solely based...

#medicine #cost #tuition #student

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Anna K. Jan 17, 2017 595 views

How do I narrow down my interests in college?

Hi everyone! The one thing that excites me the most about college is getting to study what I'm interested in and taking all sorts of amazing classes. The only problem is, my interests are super diverse! I love math and science, but I'm also interested in French, economics, and music.The...

#college-major #research #college #math #music #foreign-languages #economics #science

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Anna K. Aug 06, 2016 475 views

When do you apply for a pre-med track?

Hello, I heard that when you apply to some colleges, they ask you to indicate what you want your track to be (pre-med, pre-dental, pre-law, etc.) if you want a track. I thought that you only decided if you wanted to take a track when you actually got to registering for college classes. Does...

#medicine #medical-education #college-admission #college #college-applications #college-admissions

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Anna K. Aug 06, 2016 434 views

Spread-out interests in college application

Hello, Of course, college admissions officers say that they like seeing people who are extremely involved in one or two activities, and that students with too varied and superficial activities do not have the best example of a good college application. Of course, I know that colleges will...

#resume #extracurriculars #undergraduate #college #college-applications

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Anna K. Mar 08, 2016 1588 views

How should I decide if I want to double major, and how should I choose a minor?

Hello everyone! I've heard a lot about major/minor programs, especially as some of my older friends are entering college. The problem is, I'm not really sure what these programs mean. For instance, I've heard a lot about double major (I know someone who doubled in statistics and something...

#college-major #college #major #majors #college-majors #college-minor #double-major #majors-and-minors

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Anna K. Feb 23, 2016 904 views

Does anyone know about the academic/social environment at Harvard University?

Hello, If you are a college student at Harvard/professional who has worked at Harvard University, I would greatly appreciate some feedback from your personal experience with Harvard. I don't mean academic statistics or rankings, but the social atmosphere, how people make friends, cafeteria...

#college #academic #social #college-bound #harvard

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Anna K. Feb 23, 2016 1011 views

What's the difference between co-ed and all women's?

Hi everyone! I'm going through my college search and I found that some people advise others to go to a co-ed college instead of an all-women's college (or any gender-specific school). Besides the obvious differences in gender of the class, what are some other differences? Academic? Social? In...

#women #college-selection #college #college-bound

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Anna K. Feb 11, 2016 1417 views

Is it acceptable to pursue a STEM major at a liberal arts college?

I've found a really awesome liberal arts college in my college search that satisfies my requirements. The problem is, I want to pursue a chemistry major. The college does offer chemistry as a major, but I've heard some people say I shouldn't go to a liberal arts college to learn science. Some,...

#college-major #art-college #college #art #chemistry #college-bound

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Anna K. Sep 09, 2015 893 views

Top medical schools in the United States?

Hi everyone! Does anyone happen to know any American colleges with awesome medical schools and/or undergrad pre-med programs? I would like to pursue a career in medicine, but I'm not sure where to begin with my college search. Thanks everyone! #college #medicine #college-major #university...

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Anna K. Aug 21, 2015 665 views

Is a career in medicine suitable for me?

This question is a little more specific to me. Currently, I am performing well in my math classes. I am doing okay in English and history. I struggle a lot with physics, but my chemistry and biology grades are a lot better. Based only on my academics, I was wondering if anyone could tell if I...

#medicine #high-school #college #career #classes #science

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Anna K. Aug 21, 2015 12223 views

What personality suits a pharmacist?

Hi, I was considering pharmacology as a career option, and I was wondering what sort of people would be best suited to that job. What personality traits must you have? What sort of people would enjoy a career as a pharmacist? What sort of people would enjoy studying pharmacology in college? Are...

#personality #college #pharmacists #pharmacy #career #pharmacist

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Anna K. Aug 16, 2015 941 views

Is the cost of schooling worth it for becoming a pharmacist?

I'm considering becoming a pharmacist, and I would like to know about the full cost of college compared to the income, and if it's realistic that a pharmacist can pay off all of their debt. How much does undergrad/pharmacy school generally cost, assuming no scholarships? Can the average...

#financial-planning #college #pharmacists #pharmacy #financial-aid

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Anna K. Jul 06, 2015 2736 views

What can you do in high school to prepare for a career in radiology?

I'd like to know what opportunities there are for a high school student to start preparing. Additional information about anything after high school, such as information about college plans/majors and any certifications/advice on how to look for a job would be great as well. #college #doctor...

#medicine #high-school #radiology #radiologist