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Angelina Jul 10, 2017 3886 views

How much time do you have to make a first impression?

I know that first impressions matter, that they are extremely important. Does anyone know exactly how long you have to make a first impression?
Thank you!
#marketing-and-advertising #information-technology-and-services #financial-services #customer-service

Victor’s Avatar
Victor Aug 23, 2019 231 views

What is the pay as a welder in the United States?

#money $$$

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Aug 26, 2019 257 views

Do my hobbies and strengths make me proficient at this career?

I'm a senior in high school who is hard working and going back to the farm after school. #career

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Edelyn Aug 26, 2019 509 views

How do I start a conversation when I don’t know what to say?

When I have something to say or an idea I don’t say it because the people who I’m with are still talking about theirs. And when I try to say my ideas I feel like they aren’t interested. When it all quiet and somehow awkward, how do I start a conversation when I have no idea what to say?...

jamiesha’s Avatar
jamiesha Aug 14, 2019 270 views

How much do you pay an hour??

I have great communication skills and i plan to put 100% of my effort into the work day. #money