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Gabriela Simeonova

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Florham Park, New Jersey
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Lania Sep 09, 2022 163 views

How long did it take for you to get the pay you felt you deserve?

I want to know how many years it'll take for me to be satisfied and stable with being a LPN. I want my career to be long term, not causing problems financially.

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 27, 2022 246 views

What elements makes a great pitch?

How do get people to buy my story? I've been developing an idea to expand my business. But since I'm a beginner, I fairly know about pitches and would want more advice on how to develop a strong pitch.

emma’s Avatar
emma Mar 02, 2022 238 views

how much money should i save up for living costs in new york?

#money #new-york

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Jada Jul 30, 2021 428 views

How do I become more social ?

I am introverted and in my room a lot, very shy and do not talk to people #any

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Daniel Feb 07, 2022 328 views

How much does your degree affect how easy it is to get a job?

I want to go to college and get a degree that is best for me. I am considering financing and computer science right now. I am thinking of getting a bachelor's degree on one of these majors. I don't know how much better it would be for me to get a master's degree, and I don't know if it would be...

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Feb 25, 2022 257 views

How do I decide what I want to do?

I have no idea what i'm going to do in my future. I want to do something that helps people but is inside my comfort zone. #any #college