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Cole May 21, 2016 654 views

In radio and online journalism, what is the way to avoid copyright issues?

Going into my sophomore year, I am a radio host and have a website with 40 writers or so and have had issues with copyright laws before. I want to know how to post photos and use material without breaking the bank.

#law #radio #broadcast #radio-broadcasting

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Jose Aug 27, 2018 427 views

How do I get an internship at a radio station?

I am looking to get a job at a radio station. Will being an intern help? #radio #internship

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adriana Aug 30, 2019 284 views

What are employers looking for in this career

hello my name is Adriana I am studying in job corps p[to get the vocation of buildings maintenance #career

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Nichola Aug 30, 2019 413 views

College Planning ?

I'm a helpless senior...#plshelp #college-advice