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Kristina H. Dec 15, 2014 2628 views

Is being a Physical Therapist worth all the schooling?

I am a senior, and have always been interested in helping people. When I broke my leg I had to do an extensive amount of physical therapy and I soon found out that I really enjoyed this field. I do understand that there is a lot of schooling behind becoming one. I know that this field is...

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Mekenzie O. Apr 29, 2015 663 views

Are there pediatric occupational therapists?

I'm a junior in high school, and I am very interested in occupational therapy, but I also want to work with children. #nurse #occupational-therapy...


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Mekenzie O. May 01, 2015 804 views

What courses do you have to take to become an OT?

I'm a junior in high school and I'm interested in what college courses I will need to take! #nurse #health #occupational-therapy...


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Erinise S. Aug 27, 2015 5185 views

What kind of careers are out there working with young children?

I really want to work with young kids, newborn to about kindergarten, but I don't want to be a teacher (typical, I know) and I don't really want to work in a daycare. I've even thought about being a pediatric nurse or neonatal nurse but I don't know if I could really handle seeing little cute...

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Celinda P. Sep 01, 2015 2246 views

I love kids, what are careers that involve kids?

The reason I ask this question is because I enjoy being with kids. #careers #children...


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Madison T. Oct 21, 2015 840 views

What is one of the best colleges to go to for Physical therapy?

as I have been looking for colleges and what I want to major in I struggle with finding a college that is perfect for my needs. In Texas which school would be best to study Physical Therapy? #therapy...


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Sophie A. Oct 21, 2015 849 views

what is the best major to take when trying to work towards a doctrate in Physical Therapy?

i am a high school student trying to figure out what I want to major in for college, I know I want to receive my doctorate in Physical Therapy so this would be extremely helpful #therapy...


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Rachel A. Oct 23, 2015 731 views

If you don't like blood, how do you become a doctor in pedeatrics

Hello my name is Rachel and I'm a 6'th grader, I want kids to look up to me, but HATE blood any insight on what carrier I should presue will be a help. #pediatrics...


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Abigail C. Apr 16, 2018 304 views

What are some ways we can include special education kids more?

I am asking since I see special education students being left out since they can't do it so I was wondering if as students or teachers if we can include them more. #special-education...


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Elias O. May 05, 2018 331 views