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Michelle Flahive-LeFebvre

Crime Scene Investigator
Law Enforcement
El Paso, Texas
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Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Dec 31, 2019 1434 views

on a scale from 1 to 10 how hard is being a police officer and why?

I am a junior in high school going to be a police officer later on in life. #law-enforcement #police-officer #police

Zakura’s Avatar
Zakura Dec 27, 2019 219 views

How often do Private Investigators/Detectives receive work/do work?

How often do Private Investigators/Detectives receive work/do work? I don't know how often they receive jobs...please help.... #criminal-justice

Trinity’s Avatar
Trinity Jan 27, 2020 279 views

What are some classes you wish you had taken in order to get more of a educational background on your career?

Paralegal Investigator #criminal-justice #law

cecilia’s Avatar
cecilia Jan 25, 2020 470 views

What is the pathway to get into forensic toxicologist?

Hello, I am Cecilia Hartwell and I am currently serving in the Navy. I am taking pre-requisites for Pharmacy school and I started to find an interest for forensics and toxicology. I would like to work with criminal investigation and be able to use science to help with a case. Thank you for...

diego’s Avatar
diego Feb 04, 2020 384 views

How do you deal with co-workers who are not getting their jobs done

#financial-planning #career #job #career-counseling #ImaWelder

jane’s Avatar
jane Dec 12, 2019 510 views

I am looking into a career as being an Agriculture communicator does anyone have any advice?

#career #internship #job #job-application #career-counseling # agriculture communications # FFA!

Trinity’s Avatar
Trinity Jan 27, 2020 314 views

What are some tools I should be familiar with in this field??

My end career goal is paralegal investigator #law #criminal-justice