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I'm heavily considering being a doctor, but I'm unsure what kind.


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Henry L. Apr 12 101 views

What do Lawyers do immediately after law school?

This question is asked in the context of opening their own practice or joining a firm #law-school #lawyer...


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Henry L. Apr 12 110 views

What do lawyers do?

I've seen on TV shows where the lawyer is in court and defending someone, but I know that every lawyer doesn't actually do that all day. What is it actually like to be a lawyer, like what do they do all day? #lawyer #law...


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Henry L. Apr 12 65 views

Is Law School actually difficult?

One of my family's friends is currently in law school, and she always complains the courseload and such. How hard is it??...


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Henry L. Apr 12 91 views

Besides good grades, how do I get into med school?

I've heard GPA is a really important factor in admission, but if I want to stand out or have better chances than the other people applying, what else can I do? #premed #doctor...


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Henry L. Apr 12 88 views

Is it important to take classes outside of my major?

When I go to college, I'm probably going to major in a natural science, and, honestly, I don't enjoy English or history class. Is it a good idea to take those courses in college anyways, or can I only take the math and science I enjoy?...


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Henry L. Apr 12 91 views

What kinds of student organizations should I join in college?

I'm a junior in high school right now, and I really want to go to medical school. I'm not sure what kinds of organizations are available to join or where I want to go, but I want to do everything I can to become a doctor. #premed #doctor #college...


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Henry L. Apr 12 94 views

What do I do this summer for med school?

I want to try to go to Medical School after college, and I know I should be doing research this summer, but everything was cancelled due to Corona virus. What should I spend this summer doing instead that would help my chances at getting into med school? #medicine #doctor #premed...