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shonali Feb 15, 2021 339 views

Is astrophysicist a good career choice?

I love physics and mathematics and I am also a mad fan of science friction, so is Astrophysicist a good career choice for me? I also love to dance, I post videos, so would I be able to continue dance after becoming an astrophysicist? #career

Vaidehi’s Avatar
Vaidehi May 25 125 views

Is optics essential for aeronautics ?

So if we go for that then what are its benefits ?

Charlotte’s Avatar
Charlotte May 25 164 views

What alternatives are there to med school aside from adjusting previous results and or reapplying?

"What alternatives are there to med school aside from adjusting previous results and or reapplying?" Currently doing my GCSES, with currently undiagnosed dyscalculia (neurological impairment for maths), which will be looked into after, and I know that the medical field is extremely hard to...

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Aliza Apr 22 196 views

States of matter

Can there be more than 5 states of matter on earth.
And what actually is plasma and B.C.E states of matter

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Jiale Apr 04 143 views

Does building lego counts as a type of engineering?

Galileo student, loves engineering.

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Jiale Apr 04 110 views

Is it better to major in general chemistry or major in a more specific part of chemistry?

An example of a more specific major would be chemical engineering or organic chemistry.

Howard’s Avatar
Howard Mar 25 182 views

do software engineers use complicated math like calculus ?

There is alot of math requirements in college

Simon’s Avatar
Simon Mar 28 191 views

why do software engineers make so much money?

senior looking forward to becoming a software engineer. curious on why their salary is so high and why they are so needed...

NHLAKANIPHO Mar 23 256 views

Hi everyone,I wanted to ask if having a gold or silver teeth will have an impact on someone getting a job

because say that it is not easy to be employed if you have a gold or silver teeth. SO IS IT TRUE

Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Mar 21 232 views

How would you Treat an LGBTQ+ / POC in the health industry

The reason i ask this is because It is 2022 and the Medical Industry still treat there LGBTQ+ /POC nurse community with utmost disrespect by staff and patients which i find very hurtful why is that they cannot be treated with respect also .

Voc’s Avatar
Voc Mar 02 132 views

How can you make special effects of kids turning into animated versions of themselves?

I like stories where live action kid actors become cartoons of themselves #actor #actor

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Luis Mar 15 131 views

some tips you can give me to avoid mistakes

Hi my name Is Luis I am in the student JobCorps I know that mistakes are going to be seen in many places but I would like to know how the most common mistakes in the welding career are made

Demetrius’s Avatar
Demetrius Mar 16 130 views

to all the electricians out there, when do you typically start your workday and when do you end it?

How much do you work per week, and do you feel satisfied with how many days off and vacations you get? I'm going to start pursuing the Electrician trade soon, and I'd really like to get a grasp of what my work-life balance will be, during and after my apprenticeship. I have a couple of hobbies...

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jennel Mar 07 190 views

To go to law school in England do I need an undergraduate law degree (LLB)?

#lawyer #law-practice #eNGLAND

Cecil’s Avatar
Cecil Mar 03 200 views

What are three important things I should know about Forensic science careers?

#forensic #science #forensics #career