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Callum May 20, 2021 390 views

What's it like to be in Career Village?

I have #autism. My life was very rough with it. I was struggling in #school all these years because I mad some of my #teachers mad in the past. All I want is to #graduate and go to #college so that I can get a #job. I have my #parents to support me. I sometimes like to dabble in...

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Jun 08, 2021 316 views

STEM meets writing

I am a student that thrives in STEM classes. When identifying a struggle I face at school, I would have to say I struggle to find the motivation and focus to write essays. I am a decent writer, but I simply don't enjoy writing. If I were to become a geneticist, or something similar, would I be...

hermione’s Avatar
hermione Dec 17, 2021 250 views

I'm not sure what sector of work to go into, or what type of jobs to apply to

I'm currently in third year studying economics, which i love however i dont want to go down the path most do with economics because i dont enjoy the maths side as much, which leads me confused on where i should go next #university #economics

ALEX’s Avatar
ALEX Aug 05, 2021 245 views

What age could i work

I am in year 8 but i want to work to help my Family #work

Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin Feb 07 342 views

What is the easiest order for learning coding languages, and what websites are best for learning them?

I am interested in code and was wondering if someone who was experienced in using online websites to learn code could tell me which websites work best. I have also heard from a few people that certain coding languages are better to learn first than others. Thank you for your time....

mery’s Avatar
mery Nov 13, 2021 236 views

Do I need Ielts test for visa student to Uk? if yes ,what should my score be?

college student.
# student #college #collegestudent #UK #studentvisa #college-admissions #college-student #college-advice #college-student #college-admissions #student

Miwa’s Avatar
Miwa Feb 10 231 views

What opportunities are there for integrating environmental science with GIS?

I'm graduating in December of 2022 with a BA in Environmental Studies and a certification in ArcGIS from a GIS semester course, however, I really want to pursue some sort of career integrating GIS and natural disasters whether it's mapping them, studying flood plains, etc. I'm wondering if...

jesse’s Avatar
jesse Feb 11 186 views

is there any jobs for small engine mechanics

i like to work with my hands and im very interested in motors #engineering

Billy’s Avatar
Billy Jan 24 209 views

What kind of engineers are there?

I'm aware that there are different types of engineers but I'm not too familiar with them. What are they? #engineer

SRIVEDA’s Avatar
SRIVEDA Nov 13, 2021 242 views

what to study after 12th to become a cosmologist ?


#any `````````` #india

Aleeciah’s Avatar
Aleeciah Nov 08, 2021 249 views

What are good jobs in the rock-science field?

I have liked learning stuff about geodes,crystals etc. and I wanna know more about those types of job fields, I only know of Geology but i'm not entirely sure I wanna be a Geologist #geology #science #career

Garrett’s Avatar
Garrett Oct 30, 2016 454 views

I want to be a theoretical physicist.

In the STEM industries, I am curious about which school I may attend to become a theoretical physicist and what is the percentage of job placement coming out of college? #science

Uwakwe’s Avatar
Uwakwe Nov 10, 2021 241 views

Robonautics benchmarking

We have come a long way, we still have further to go. I see a future where we don't risk human lives on space station repair / constuction. When will this be in the forseeable future?
#human-resources #career #robots #nasa

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Nov 10, 2021 168 views

what are some jobs in the film or entertainment industry that is fun?

im from high school and i really want to get into the film or entertainment industry, what are some jobs in it that are fun to do? #film #entertainment

Jacky’s Avatar
Jacky Sep 28, 2021 239 views

What are the benefits to be a nuclear engineer?

#nuclear #engineer #monitoring #physics #mathematics