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Bishoy_Adel . Feb 08, 2013 4308 views

What careers allow me to help society peacefully?

I am a 20 year old architectural engineering student (year 2) and I have to start college over and I want to choose a different career as I thought that architecture isn't doing enough serving people and the society for me, I thought of being a police officer/detective but then I realized that...

#help #career-choice #career

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Jenise B. Jan 18, 2018 381 views

Better relationship with Advisor?

I want to interact with my advisor better. I know going more to their office is a way to do that but I'm not sure what to ask them about. What are some general topics that would spark communication? #academic-advising...


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Aliyah D. Jul 19, 2018 295 views

Is Child Psychology a good major?

So I initially wanted to be a child psychologist but so far I've been hearing that a career in psychology isn't as good as you'd expect it to be. Can you get a good job with a Bachelor's degree from it? #career...


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Adam K. Apr 29, 2020 190 views

How can I become become a tech ed teacher?

I am a high school student who as always been involved in FIRST Robotics. And I have taken practically every tech ed course, from engineering and STEM, to carpentry and machining. I am in trade school part-time for carpentry and construction. I have spent over 4 years teaching myself everything...

#mechanical-engineering #technology #teched #tech-ed #teacher #engineering #teaching #engineer

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Michael U. Aug 02, 2020 144 views

what is the best IT certification for a 55 year old with a high school education

Am 55 and I have previously worked as an Admin Assistant, Caregiver and a warehouse Associate. Am thinking of starting an IT career, which is the best one for me? #careers...


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kendrekia D. Sep 04, 2020 128 views

hey i wanna be a obgyn nurse but dont know where to start i was wounder if you can help me with that?

i am a very nice person help people in needed i finna start my own business and going to college so i can be a obgyn nurse #career #jobs...


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Shantrell A. Oct 02, 2020 89 views

What is my goal when i grow up?

My goal is that I want to be successful at life, at my achievement, and goals because that what it take to be successful. #artist #goals...