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Finn yesterday 47 views

What are some jobs of the future that may not even fully exist yet?

I'm wondering if there are any jobs that could become hugely relevant that we don't fully know about yet, like how tech work became popular.

Finn’s Avatar
Finn yesterday 70 views

What are some jobs that are high paying but don't require a college degree?

I'm wondering if there are any jobs that you don't need a college degree for that still provide a high salary.

Brinda’s Avatar
Brinda 2 days ago 56 views

How scholarships will help me in college?

I want to know how the majors and courses will affect my degree programs and about living far from my family.

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Sashia 2 days ago 74 views

How much debt will you be in after college?

I want to attend a four-year college, but I'm also worried about debt and student loans. I'd like to take action that would prevent me from having to spend the rest of my life paying off debt ( like the 2 years at York tech free then going to an actual college). But if it will be worth it for...

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Sandhali Nov 18 99 views

what coding language is useful in medical field ?

i am a bds student and want to learn about advance technology in medical field

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Logan Nov 14 129 views

Which is a better major ? #fall22

Which is a better major? Psychology or Law?


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Max Nov 09 115 views

What are the best majors for pursuing theatre?

Considering musical theatre or performance.

Landis’s Avatar
Landis Nov 09 117 views

I am interested in criminal law.

How do I become a criminal or family court judge? Can I become a judge out of law school?

Will’s Avatar
Will Nov 09 105 views

What is a good degree to major in before I go to law school?

I want to go into business law, but I don't know what degree to major in before law school.

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Nana Nov 08 70 views

Vocational Inquiry

I got heart surgery about 2 years ago and since then I have stuck to the idea of being in the health field. I KNOW I want to be a Cardiologist. However, I don't know if I want to be a surgeon or physician. I had asked my cardiologist what classes they thought I should take and they said AP Math...

gary’s Avatar
gary Nov 08 189 views

entry level programming jobs

What is a good entry- level job in programming ?

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Nov 08 197 views

What high school classes should I take for computer engineering?

In the future I am planning on having a career in the category of engineering and/or computers. What high school classes should I take so that I am able to pursue a the career that I want?


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Patrick Rolemodel Nov 07 160 views

Java Programming - Constructors in Java?

what are the importance of learning Java programming in this century?

what is the real world example of constructors in programming languages and how can it be explained literally to a newbie?

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Edina Nov 08 23 views

What's in store for my Academic Future?

How can I assure myself that I have the ability to get into college and if I do how will I afford it? Even with financial aid, is there any other way to help pay for college if I apply to go to a more famous college with a lower acceptance, why is the cost of tuition higher than others?

Corey’s Avatar
Corey Nov 04 82 views

Do I need to for sure the exact field I want to be in when applying for college?

I want to get started on my apps soon and finish them up soon, but I am still stuck.