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Educators: Download the Tech Week Lesson Plan

Help your students explore futures in Tech by helping them participate in Tech Week on Download the lesson plan here:

What you will need...

1. Some computers with an internet connection (students can use the computers alone or in small groups).

2. At least 25 minutes of class time with your students.

3. An invite code to give your students (optional, but encouraged). Instructions for that: in this medium post.

What is

We crowdsource career advice for students. Over 10,000 working professionals from almost every occupation volunteer to give advice to students on Why? Because they remember how hard it was to explore careers when they were young. They want to give back, and help out.

What is Tech Week?

We are celebrating careers in the Technology industry this week. We will have thousands of professionals working in the Technology industry ready to answer questions from real students about futures in Tech. That means everything from programming to engineering to rocketry to tech marketing to IT support and more...