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The future of volunteering is digital. CareerVillage.org offers a scalable digital volunteering program that thousands of employees can participate in, regardless of where they live or how long they have to volunteer.
Fortune 500 companies we work with:
Mobilize hundreds of thousands of employees anytime, anywhere on CareerVillage.org
Why it matters
Every volunteer has the potential to help thousands of young people navigate careers by providing high quality advice that guides and inspires our leaders of tomorrow.
In minutes, every employee can become a

Career Advising Volunteer

For companies of all sizes and locations, CareerVillage.org provides a high impact, easy to implement, and reliable volunteer opportunity that works for everyone everywhere. CareerVillage.org’s dedicated Partnerships Team will customize any volunteer program to fit your company’s needs and make your job easier:

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Simple Call To Action

Answering a question takes just minutes, and requires no training. (signup link)

Customized Experience

Your company's branding and messaging, front-and-center on your own CareerVillage landing page.

Impact Reporting

Our team tracks all employee volunteering for you and provides custom impact reports.

Turnkey Events

CareerVillage Team hosted virtual events, communications handbooks, training webinars, and a CSR peer network makes your job easier than ever.
Erin Baudo Felter
VP of Social Impact, Okta
"We appreciate the work they do; but, equally important is how they operate as partners. The CareerVillage.org team have consistently proven they can be creative, thoughtful and reliable all while being willing to try things that are new and different. It’s been a privilege to work with them."
Case Study
Partnership Success Story:
Citizen Verizon & CareerVillage.org
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Verizon employee volunteers
Pieces of advice posted
Views on Verizon advice
CareerVillage.org became a non-profit partner of Verizon in 2016, with the goal of providing global volunteer opportunities that can accommodate a wide variety of employee skills, preferences, and time zones and help advance Verizon’s commitment to human prosperity.
Team Impact Activities
The CareerVillage Team hosts an average of 15-20 live volunteer engagements each year, including gatherings of large Verizon teams, various employee resource groups, or across the whole company.
Flexibility For All Volunteers
The CareerVillage team markets year-round, ongoing opportunities for Verizon volunteers to log volunteer hours – many of them like to log their volunteering in increments of 15 minutes!
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