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Recent Stories

14 Dec. 23

Cisco: Transforming Career Development Through AI

The Transformational Tech series highlights Cisco's grant recipients that use technology to help transform the lives of individuals and communities. This blog features Cisco's partnership with, a nonprofit organization based in the United States that helps students get career advice online from real-world professionals. If you are interested in a deep dive on this partnership, please contact Kyle Thornton. Read more

27 Sept. 23

Embracing AI to Help Power Your Nonprofit’s Mission

Moving Forward, a newsletter designed to help nonprofits exchange ideas and learn from one another to unlock the full potential of the sector, interviews, which recently created an AI career prep platform called Coach. Read more

22 March 22

Embracing Virtual Volunteering

While our total volunteer hours declined in fiscal 2021 due to the pandemic, many employees embraced virtual volunteering, as well as other remote and digital options to make a difference. During a year in which most employees worked remotely and faced significant challenges, we are proud of the many ways—both big and small—our people continued to step up and take action. For example, Cisco employees Provided personalized career advice to students through Read more

21 Sept. 21

The Lisa Show Radio Interview

Special Projects Manager, Rebecca Gitomer, spoke to The Lisa Show about, why our work matters, and how to get involved. Read more

7 July 21

Summer Summer Summer Time

Verizon recommends volunteering to support students during summer months on "You will have the opportunity to make a scalable impact, providing career advice to individual students, with the potential to reach hundreds to thousands of students on our open access platform. Together, we can introduce even more young people to careers they may never have dreamed existed and do not know how to enter." Read more

20 May 20

Let’s Make This Crisis the (Grand)Mother of Invention

“Stay home, stay safe.” When it comes to the heightened vulnerability of America’s elders in the face of Covid-19, these are often wise words. But the unwritten injunction might as well be “Stay home, stay safe, and stay out of the way.” Read more

14 April 20

As Cities Axe Summer Youth Work Programs, Here Are Alternatives to Consider

In today’s lexicon, “dog days” conjure dreamy images of lazy canines and humans alike, basking under the summer sun. But it turns out that the phrase originated in ancient Greece, where it referred not to actual Mediterranean dogs but to the particular moment—at the height of summer—that the “dog star,” Sirius, rose before the sun. Read more

23 March 20

5 Ways to Support Youth During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has made it pretty much impossible for older adults to provide face-to-face mentoring and support to young people. Still, many nonprofits are scrambling to find ways to connect the generations now. Here at (a nonprofit focused on bridging the generational divide) Read more

31 July 19

Boosting Career Readiness Through The Power Of Crowds And Tech

Today’s growing knowledge-based economy requires new approaches to ensure the next generation of professionals is equipped to lead thriving careers of their own. But too often, access to the resources and knowledge needed to prepare for professional life in this economic landscape is constrained by under-resourced schools and communities Read more

14 Feb. 17

Tips from the Tech Sector on How Philanthropy Can Scale Impact

Three years ago, my co-founder Kevin Barenblat asked me why there weren’t more Khan Academies and Wikipedias. He wanted to know why more nonprofits weren’t building software to create social change at scale. At the time, my answer was that the nonprofit startup universe didn’t look anything like the tech startup landscape. Read more

26 Jan. 17

How is CareerVillage Helping Students Choose a Professional Path is an online platform that allows students to ask questions and ask for career advice. The site recognizes the topic of every question, and it matches them with the right members of a pool of over 16,000 professionals, who volunteer to help kids by answering their questions as thoroughly as possible. Read more

8 Sept. 16

What's Up With Impact Investing and Higher Education?

Impact investing is red-hot right now, especially in the education space. But while this approach has long fueled the development of new education technology tools, impact investing is being applied to other ed challenges, too...And globally, there's intense interest around impact investing as a way to scale low-cost private schools in developing countries. Read more

27 May 16

Can new EdTech tools combat economic despair?

In a recent Brookings paper on social mobility, Melissa Kearney and Phillip Levine illuminate an intangible, yet severe, consequence of income inequality: economic despair. In cities or states with wide disparity between the low- and middle-income brackets, high school students, particularly boys, appear more likely to drop out of school. Read more

13 May 16

Three ways tech is reinventing a surprising sector

More than 1 million users. Sixteen billion monthly page views. Ninety-nine percent user engagement. If these sound like stats from tech companies, you’re right. Except these tech companies are nonprofits. In Steve Case’s new book, The Third Wave, he argues that this next generation of the Internet will transform major industry sectors and become integrated into everything we do... Read more

11 May 16

CareerVillage Partners with Dell to Produce TechWeek

CareerVillage, a nonprofit that aims to help low-income students better prepare for their future, is teaming up with Dell to produce TechWeek, an online networking campaign from May 16 to 20. Dell is giving CareerVillage $100,000 to aid in its mission, and the tech giant has also committed tens of thousands of its employees to provide advice and encouragement to students participating in TechWeek. Read more

9 May 16

Lumina Foundation Announces Strategic Social Investment Strategy

...The strategic social investing strategy also includes identifying unique innovations aligned with the Foundation’s goals. As part of this work, the first Lumina Social Innovation Prize was awarded to CareerVillage, an online platform where students ask career questions that are answered by real people sharing their experiences. Read more

7 Jan. 16

Addressing Poverty Through Digital and Financial Literacy

The Great Recession delivered a body blow to our country’s financial equilibrium, and only after years of painfully slow recovery have housing prices begun to stabilize and the unemployment rate steadily fallen. But while the economic crisis has abated, it remains a devastating morass for many, especially young adults, ethnic and racial minorities, and lower income families. Read more

10 Nov. 15

Inside The One Startup Accelerator That Only Works With Non-Profits

Yet another meal delivery startup has debuted in San Francisco. But it's not valued at millions of dollars, and its founders won't ever get rich. Why? It's a non-profit that delivers donated food to people in need.Feeding Forward, as it's called, and eight other startups recently graduated from Fast Forward, an accelerator program in San Francisco that works exclusively with non-profit tech startups. Read more

Our Awards

Points of Light

Winner, NCVS Innovation Awards 2013: National Conference on Volunteering and Service.

Lumina Foundation

Social Innovation Award, 2016: Won a clean sweep of Lumina Foundation's first ever Social Innovation Awards at ASU-GSV 2016 in San Diego, CA.


1st Place, Social Impact: Picked from a pool of over 2,300 applicants to participate in MassChallenge 2014, from whom we were awarded the top prize in the Social Impact category.

JPMorgan Chase

1st place, Give It Away Award: Selected by a large panel of young people from a highly competitive pool of nonprofits.


Selected to participate in the world's first accelerator program exclusively for high tech nonprofit organizations.

College Knowledge Challenge

Selected for this program run by College Summit and sponsored by the Gates Foundation to improve college knowledge.


Incubated through the Technology Underwriting the Greater Good program in Boston, MA.

Harvard iLab

Invited to serve as a startup in residence at the iLab in Spring 2012 where we first launched our platform.