Inspire the next generation of your Professional Association's membership

The talent pipeline starts in K12. Do students know what opportunities there are in your profession?
Build career awareness for high school and post-secondary students
Why it matters
Today's high school students will be applying to jobs in just a few short years. Are they considering your profession? If not, becoming a sponsor of our awareness building campaigns is a great way to help connect students to opportunity.
Ways to partner with us

Sponsor Career Awareness-Building Campaigns Targeted at Youth Learners

As a sponsor you'll be helping us to spread the word among youth about great employment opportunities in your profession. We're always trying to expand students' awareness, so there are many ways to get involved. Contact us to learn what is on our awareness-building calendar and find the right campaigns to sponsor.

  • Support deep pipeline development
  • Prominent brand placement
  • Reporting and analytics

Trade Week Sponsor

Become a marquee sponsor of your profession's themed week on and we'll drum up awareness among youth.

Data and insights

We have millions of data points relevant to your trade. Understand the needs and aspirations of our future workforce to best prepare them for success.

Volunteer recruiting

Use our communications toolkits to sign up volunteers from your membership.

Instagram Takeovers

Your star members can share a "Day In the Life" in video form with an IG takeover.
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