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Robert Piercey
Regional Director, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)
"Today, maybe more than ever, our youth - and in particular at-risk youth - need exposure to and guidance from leaders of industry, entrepreneurs, and professionals succeeding in the real world. CareerVillage provides that and more. After seeing it in action, it could be a game-changer."
100% of your students will get their career questions answered
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Career advice helps put education into context. Students who use grow their knowledge and self-efficacy related to college and career within a supportive community, leading to better outcomes and more stable futures.
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Contact us to become a School Partner. We’ll work together to connect your students with professionals and local support networks that will help guide and support student career decisions.

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Customized school page on with your students’ questions, serving as a link between your students and the school’s ecosystem of supporters.

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Receive routine reporting on school-wide career engagement, uncover insights on student career interests, and utilize data points to inform instructional decisions.

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