Workforce Development Boards can guarantee that every student in their region gets career advice

Unite local employers, nonprofits, educators, and others under one campaign: to provide every student in the region with on-demand personalized career advice.
Career advice for 100% of your region's students without breaking a sweat
Why this matters
Without access to career advice, youth in your community will have a harder time knowing what job opportunities are available, navigating to those jobs, and being prepared to start work. Your entire community cannot thrive when youth are unready for employment.
Data that changes how you develop career readiness
What data?
Do you have a good grasp on what careers youth in your region are planning to pursue? We do. Aggregating this data is the first step to makign sure that students are preparing for the jobs that actually need to get filled in your region.
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Our approach
The Big Ask
We want to put you at the center of your city's fight to improve youth access to career advice at the scale that matters: region-wide scale.
Become your city's page manager. Keep your pulse on the career interests of youth in your city by becoming the page manager for your city's page on, which shows career questions from youth in your city.
Lead a city-wide "Big Ask" campaign. Establish a career advising week in your city that everyone can rally to. Advice seekers can post requests. Employers and others can recruit volunteers to answer questions. There's a role for everyone in The Big Ask!
Sponsor special cause campaigns. Whether your region is growing green jobs, or tech jobs, or healthcare jobs, students deserve to know about it. Become a sponsor to help us raise awareness.