CareerVillage is home to our future workforce. Let’s work together to diversify your talent pipeline and help underserved students achieve upward mobility.
Ensure our leaders of tomorrow are equipped with the knowledge necessary to enter your industry or sector.
Why it matters
Today's high school students will be applying to jobs at your company in just a few short years. What are you doing to connect with future talent and set them up for success? Become a sponsor of CareerVillage to level up your engagement with our future workforce, help connect students to opportunity, and align your company as one that invests in the future.
Ways to partner with us

Be an Industry Leader in Youth Career Development

We're always trying to expand students' career awareness. As a sponsor you'll help spread the word among youth about great employment opportunities that matter to you and your business. Contact us to learn more!

  • Co-designed partnership
  • Support deep pipeline development
  • Align your company as a leader in supporting youth career development
  • Prominent brand placement
  • Reporting and analytics

Industry Week Sponsor

Become a marquee sponsor of your industry's themed week on CareerVillage.org and we'll drum up awareness among youth.

Executive Future of Work Roundtables

Engage employees and executives at your company in meaningful discussion series for students and industry stakeholders.

Co-Branded Reports

Position your brand at the leading edge of future of work industry data. Publish co-branded reports to inform other key stakeholders.

Custom and Co-Designed

Our sponsorships are collaborative and custom to your unique goals. We want to work with you to understand how we can unlock the most impact together.
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