Our Impact

How we impact millions:

Since 2011, Careervillage has served 4M Learners and +3400 educators from 190 countries with high quality, personalized career advice from over 150,000+ professionals who have added to a growing database
of high quality career information spanning
8,000 occupational tags

About Our Youth:

55% female
75% low-income households
76% students of color
*based on US students only
40% international
66% high school students 8% middle school students
26% postsecondary students

Systemic Change Through Partnerships:

We believe that through working together with other stakeholders invested in youth career development, we can inspire deep, systemic change to systems that are currently failing youth. The following outlines are existing partnership models and their related goals.
CareerVillage currently serves Higher Education institutions by partnering with community colleges, public and private post-secondary institutions, and offers its campus model for free to HBCUs and HACUs. CareerVillage is committed to providing access to high quality career information to HBCU and HACU students with a goal of ensuring students, especially students of color, have a support network guiding them to achieve upward economic mobility. Campus partnerships tie together entire ecosystems of support for students from alumni to professors to parents and beyond.
In order to reach students from marginalized communities we partner with districts, bringing career education directly to classrooms. We piloted this work with the San Francisco Unified School District and are ready to partner with any district interested in bringing high quality career education to their classrooms.
In order to make an even deeper impact at the local level, CareerVillage partners with workforce boards leveraging their existing regional connections to fortify local support networks for youths’ career development. For example, CareerVillage partners with the most rural county in Massachusetts, MassHire Franklin Hampshire Workforce Board, to improve students’ career readiness.
Mayoral Offices:
CareerVillage also works to build local support networks through partnership with Mayor’s offices. One partner includes the City of San Jose Mayor’s office, with which CareerVillage works to advance career education and rally the entire city around youth career development.
CareerVillage welcomes partnerships with like minded nonprofits in the youth development space and is dedicated to sharing data, best practices, and insights within the field. Notable partners include Code.org, Hands On Atlanta, and Hats and Ladders, all of which emphasize bettering the futures of the youth.


“The advice I received from CareerVillage made me feel like I had a support system. Being a first-gen US citizen, it is hard finding people with experience to steer you in the right direction. However, CareerVillage has provided me with the guidance in order to make smart decisions concerning my career.”
-Armani L., Student on CareerVillage [Boston, MA]
“I've found CareerVillage has been invaluable. All of the professionals that have responded to my students have been phenomenal. I think that CareerVillage.org enhances classroom instruction tremendously having to do with careers. ”
-Erin Stefani, Educator on CareerVillage [Scranton, PA]
“While CareerVillage is about providing a forum for students, it's not just about students being able to ask questions. It’s also really great to remember that there is another side to it as well and there is something to be said for the professional responding to the question and the way that they are able to get filled up as well by being able to pay it forward.”
-Chanika R. Perry, Volunteer on CareerVillage, [Atlanta, GA]

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