What is CareerVillage.org?

We crowdsource career advice for students. Over 10,000 working professionals from almost every occupation volunteer to give advice to students on CareerVillage.org. Why? Because they remember how hard it was to explore careers when they were young. They want to give back, and help out.


How does it work?

Students post questions about careers. We automatically match those questions to our Professionals based on their skills and expertise. They post answers to the questions based on their knowledge and experience.


Who is behind this website?

A nonprofit 501c3 organization called CareerVillage runs the website CareerVillage.org. We were founded by Jared Chung and Jennifer Pan in 2011 in the Harvard Innovation Lab with the help of a hundred volunteers and an innovation grant. In five years we went from serving a handful of classrooms in New York City to providing career advice online to a million people. You can learn more about our team and our work here:
About CareerVillage


Some of our partners and sponsors

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