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Brandon F. 15 hours ago 24 views

Would it be better for me to attend a local college or a University while studying the IT field?

I'm a high school senior trying to decide whether i should do local or out of town college. #college...


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Lakiriaha L. 5 hours ago 5 views

What is the proper evidence collection techniques employed by a criminal investigator?

I want to know how to show knowledge of properly handling the evidence and perseverance of it. #inputs...


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Lakiriaha L. 5 hours ago 10 views

Can someone tells me the difference between a detective and a criminal investigator?

I want to know the different requirements of both of these career choices. Is the requirements the same or different? #knowledge...


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jaden E. 9 hours ago 7 views
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Marcus J. 6 hours ago 15 views
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Nathan O. May 11 63 views

the process of becoming an engineer?

I always wanted to be an engineer....


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Marcus J. 5 hours ago 23 views

What are some good careers for someone who doesn't mind doing math and also wants to help people?

Helping people for me is making people feel physically better, like medicine and fitness. #career-counseling...


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Youssra K. 9 hours ago 18 views

Is computer engineering as hard as they say it is ?

I am thinking about pursuing a career in coding , but I’ve only got bad feedback from people saying it is going to be hard and not even worth it. Is it that hard ? And is the job comfortable or very exhausting? #career #career-choice #jobs #career-counseling...

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Abigael W. Mar 20, 2018 375 views

Is Art school really worth it/ Do artists make money, more than just getting by?

My parents love my artistic ability but don't think it's practical to "waste" a college education on. Our compromise was art history and restoration so I could work in a museum. I've always heard if you do what you love, than it's not work, and I LOVE to draw , make stories, and create. Are...

#starvingartist #parentslovemuseum

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Laney S. May 25, 2016 434 views

Are there any free or programs with scholarships that high school students can apply for to gain experience in a biology related field?

So many college summer programs cost thousands of dollars, and I really wanted to know if there were any that have reduced costs and were available for low income families. #scholarships #summer #studying #financial-aid...


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Xochitl G. May 13 25 views

What kind of art skills are required to enter a good art college?

I’m a senior in high school. I’m graduating on June 4th 2021. I Love to draw a animate but I’m not sure if I’m good enough. #art #artist...


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Rokaria L. Jan 19, 2018 2563 views

Do companies truly focus on your college major when applying for jobs?

My major might be something broad like English, but I want to work in the creative arts. I want to know if employers truly care about your major even if it might not match exactly to what they want....


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Xochitl G. May 13 22 views

What are other lists of careers that involve art.

I’m a senior in High school, I know that there is animation and illustrations but what other jobs are there? #art #artist...


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jaden E. 9 hours ago 18 views

What was your 1st year in college like?

I'm in high school i will be graduating this year #high-school-classes #high-school-classes...


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Tzofiya D. May 13 64 views

Can I get some advice?

Here's the situation: I will be taking an architectural course in college, I'm now in 12th grade but I decided to just finish this school year and I will be taking a break for the next academic year because of personal issues (I am experiencing depression and anxiety attacks. I'm healing and...

#college #jobs #business #architect #success #health #school #career

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carson W. May 14 31 views

I dont know

I like cars, I like to travel, I like food...


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Marcus J. 6 hours ago 15 views

Is biomedical engineer a good career?

I'm good at math and I want to help others in the future. #career #math #career-options #career-choice...


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Victoria F. Sep 01, 2017 337 views

What is the best way to narrow down your college list?

I feel like I still have not found my "dream school", but I still have a list of schools that I am applying to....


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Kierra D. Apr 25, 2019 411 views
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Jason C. Jan 22, 2018 437 views

What should i learn to be a game designer?

I have zero experience in gaming design, but i want to learn. It is like one of my dream jobs. Is unity a good one to start with? I like Dota 2, Overwatch, and Lost Saga. #highschool #game-design...


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paul L. 8 hours ago 18 views
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Morgan W. Jan 17, 2018 290 views

How can my career help or effect others?

I don't understand how the technology an aerospace engineer makes in their planes or spaceships effects the everyday person. #aviation-and-aerospace...