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isaac M. Nov 15 13 views
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Haley C. 13 hours ago 10 views

What type of job should a first time college student get?

I am 19 years old and attending an online college. I need help figuring out what type of job would best suit me while attending online school....


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Derek W. yesterday 16 views

What type of job should I apply too

I don't have much experience in anything except for babysitting and technology #technology #job...


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Antonio O. Oct 21 78 views

Should I have any experience prior to taking classes for careers on computer coding?

I know how to use a computer, doing the day to day tasks but I've never used any coding language programs and explored it....


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Mohamed H. Oct 11 57 views
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Isaac C. Nov 14 27 views

What field of work should I pursue? With the most money

Hi my name is Isaac Conley, I enjoy MANY different things. Those of which are horseback riding, motorcycle building, cnc and cad, and welding. I want to go in to some kind of engineering career but I am not sure if I should go for metallurgy or mechatronics and anywhere in between. I enjoy art...

#metallurgy #engineering #welding #college

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Ellie B. May 05, 2016 1097 views

Is getting a Doctorate in Psychology the best way to make more money and be able to get more jobs in that field?

I am going to be a freshman in college this fall and I plan on majoring in Psychology but I want to plan a little more of my future out to have a goal on what I need to do to have the highest achievement. I know I am going for a Master's but is a Doctorate worth it? #college #psychology...

#clinical-psychology #counselling #child-psychology #masters #guidance-counselor #doctorate-degree

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Ethan K. Nov 14 24 views
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Ray K. 7 hours ago 6 views

What are your favorite resources to read about psychology research?

Not quite a college or career question, but this seems like an appropriate place to converse :). I like Psychology Today, Google Scholar, The Epoch Times, and Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. I'm having trouble finding social media accounts that post...

#psychology #magazine #research-psychology

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Cindy L. Nov 30 59 views

How to start a career in HR

Where can you gain some experiences in HR industry? Do you really need a degree in HR in order to land a job? What are some tools/software commonly used by HR professionals? Thanks! #human-resources #career-details #business...


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Jenny Q. 8 hours ago 2 views
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Dante D. yesterday 14 views
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Trinity C. Jan 17, 2018 540 views

Would it be better to live in a small town or big city when it comes to forensics?

I’m not sure where I want to live in the future and want to know if I’ll be able to find a stable job anywhere I go. #forensic-science #forensics #forensic...


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Jessica H. Jan 20, 2018 281 views

How do I know which career path is right for me?

I am interested in medicine and going to medical school but I have a deep rooted interest in forensics and criminal justice. How do I know what choice to make? #medicine #forensics...


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Javier R. yesterday 7 views

Why do some higher degrees offer a less salary?

One of the things I would like to pursue is becoming an entrepreneur or working as an architect. Well for one thing, I would like to run my own things, for example running my own business, or being able to draw a drawing on a piece of paper and later making it into a house or building....

#career #architecture #business #architect #entrepreneur

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Angelina T. 14 hours ago 12 views

How do you take care of yourself when dealing with other people's problems?

I am an 8th grade student researching careers and this question will be posted for all students to see....


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Mya K. 14 hours ago 16 views

A question about the length of schooling to become a lawyer

How long does it take to get a law degree? #law #lawyer #law-school...


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Jawanda G. Oct 03 16 views
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Breann J. Nov 14 15 views

How do you become a pediatric nurse?

I am a junior in High school and am thinking about becoming a pediatric nurse. I really enjoy working with kids, helping people, and just interacting with other people. I also really like science and learning about medicine. I want to know what high school classes could help me be prepared for...

#pediatrics #medicine #nurse #registered-nurses

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Aishwarya J. Jan 16, 2018 667 views

What's a day in the life of an aerospace engineer like?

Aeronautical or astronautical, it doesn't matter. I'm interested in pursuing a major in aerospace engineering, but I want to get a scope of what applying it to a career is like. #engineering...


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cerenna H. Dec 06 22 views

what can I do here?

I drawing and sew...


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Dante D. yesterday 9 views