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Lidibet’s Avatar
Lidibet Apr 27, 2020 1698 views

what are the biggest responsibilities of an accountant?

Everything that has to do with economy and finances has always caught my attention. I have the basic knowledge about the career but wanted to know what is the main responsibility in the job of an accountant #college #accounting #business

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew 12 hours ago 6 views

How to become successful in Busienss?

I would like to pursue business and was wondering how to succeed in it

S’s Avatar
S 42 mins ago

Hello, can I still shift course from Biology to Nursing in the second semester of the second year?

I'm in my second year of college in biology and I'm planning to shift to nursing but I'm having second thought.

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve 2 hours ago 5 views

Should I double major in both data science and data analytics? Or should I major in one and minor in another?

I feel that as a data analysis, I would have more career options. However, being a data scientist appeals to me. Should I major in data science, and minor in data analytics, or vice versa? Can a data scientist work as a data analyst?

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Sep 22 79 views

If I'm good at math, what careers should I look into?

Accounting, actuary, computer science, finance, economics, etc.? What about less common careers?

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa yesterday 9 views

Is cosmetology a good career to work in?

I feel like I love that industry and I`m going to school for it

Courvoisier’s Avatar
Courvoisier Sep 23 31 views

What is your favorite thing about being a personal chef?

I asked this question because i'm interested in this job and want to know what you like about it.

Robert’s Avatar
Robert yesterday 5 views

what should be my first step to become a Game Designer?

When I graduate I want to become a Game Designer and just want to know the steps I needed to take.

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew 12 hours ago 15 views

How do you know you have made it in life?

What is the fine line of a successful life how do you know?

Shyann’s Avatar
Shyann Sep 16 120 views


I mainly see people work in retail, and that's good but just not for me. I've been thinking about if college is right for me, and it's still undecided. But when I come to a decision, if I decide to NOT go to college what to do ? A job of course, but is there anything other than retail that'll...

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Sep 21 47 views

What are some interesting subjects to study in college ?

What are some interesting subjects to study when you go to collage

Reallady’s Avatar
Reallady 22 hours ago 10 views

Can you help me with some advice?

What is some CNA advice? What is something I need to know about CNA?

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew 12 hours ago 13 views

How to keep pursuing your dreams when you know they might not work out?

When you are not confident in something how do you keep pushing through

jordyn’s Avatar
jordyn yesterday 20 views

can I be a professional musician without college or no?

is there a way without college to be a professional musician and have my own brand? I'm in the 11th grade and thought changing to an art or music school would be good, should I wait until college?

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve 2 hours ago 5 views

What steps are involved in getting a PTIN?

Do I have to take a test, take the IRS' Annual Filing Season Program, etc.?

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve 2 hours ago 3 views

What is the difference between a Data Scientist and a Data Analyst?

Can a data scientist work as a data analyst?

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Sep 20 65 views

What is the difference/pros and cons between/of a BS and a BBA in Accounting?

Can you still qualify for the CPA exam if you get a BBA as your bachelor's degree?

Cadence’s Avatar
Cadence yesterday 19 views

What is the best school to go to if I want to teach Agriculture?

What is the best school to go to to become an Ag teacher? I am wanting to become an ag teacher but I'm not sure which school would be best for me to go to.

Leion’s Avatar
Leion Jan 19, 2017 2057 views

why should i study bioinformatics

I am interested in bioinformatics how good is this career? #university #research #japan #bioinformatics

Braden’s Avatar
Braden yesterday 26 views

How do I get repeat clients and get me on venues refer list as a DJ?

I am a DJ looking to build more business.

Kamryn’s Avatar
Kamryn yesterday 10 views

How do I start my life after graduation?

How do I get started after I graduate from high-school and what is the best way to go about things

Jonah’s Avatar
Jonah Sep 13, 2016 609 views

Does still being in school limit the quality of jobs i can get/apply for?

I'm a senior in undergrad in NYC and looking for job opportunities #internships #economics #political-science #political-campaigns

C’s Avatar
C 9 hours ago 8 views

Any advice about shifting Course in college.

Hi I'm 2nd year taking Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
I've planned to shift course in 2nd sem.. in another school on automotive course.. is it okay to shift? I'm I going back to 1st year if I shift course?? Or continue on 2nd year?? Thank u

Diepreye’s Avatar
Diepreye Dec 04, 2016 1177 views

what and how helpfull is this karma thing

I had up to 53 karma after just two questions and that must be really impressive but I still don't know about it #medicine #psychology #lawyer #career-counseling #neuroscience #social-media

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer yesterday 21 views

How do I become an Orthodontist?

How many years of college to I need to become an Orthodontist? What degrees do I need to become an Orthodontist? Around how much is college going to cost?

Ria’s Avatar
Ria Dec 03, 2021 516 views

Any advice for shifting course please 🥺. I am 2nd year College and I want to shift course next semester (2nd sem).My course is Hospitality and wanna shift to Psychology

#college #college-major #psychology

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca yesterday 20 views

What inspired you guys to choose marketing as major?

My background was science.Now I want to study bba but really have zero insights regarding this field.Can you guys help me to choose my major and explain why exactly should I study that particular subject? And those who already did major in marketing,what exactly inspired you guys to choose this

Yazmin’s Avatar
Yazmin Nov 30, 2020 3360 views

What is the difference between the job of a Data Engineer and a Data analytics ?

I am currently applying to internships, and there are two roles available. These roles seem similar, so I am wondering if there is anyone from the industry that can further explain. Thank you. #GivingisCaring #dataengineering #engineering #data

Scott’s Avatar
Scott yesterday 28 views

How do I go about getting basic logistics credentials without a four year degree?

I have a bachelors degree in Fine art, and work in the art services field, and want to transition out of an operations type role. I thought this might help further that part of my career course, and possible shift. My current role in operations is as a Master Carpenter/ Fabricator/ Crating...

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah yesterday 29 views

How do I become a successful entrepreneur?

Where do I start for an entrepreneurship job

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