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Daniel yesterday 16 views

Computer Science Career Question Assignment?

What AP's or subjects should I focus on, or be advanced in to be a software engineer.

Tony’s Avatar
Tony yesterday 17 views

What is useful to learn to become a software engineer?

I am a junior in high school.

Victory’s Avatar
Victory 19 hours ago 34 views

What careers pay the most?

I would like to know so that I can force myself into the career.

Melinda’s Avatar
Melinda yesterday 24 views

Should I take AP Chem or AP Stats?

I plan to major in Computer Science and become a software engineer. Should I take these classes?

Jason’s Avatar
Jason yesterday 12 views

What is a good way to get started with coding?

I am not familiar with coding, so i am unsure where to start.

Sally’s Avatar
Sally yesterday 27 views

How expensive college tuition will be after the pandemic is over?

College is already expensive as it is, but after the pandemic is over, will college tuition reach a new sky high?

Henry’s Avatar
Henry yesterday 10 views

What are some key tips for someone looking to get into computer science/programming fields?

Any information would be helpful.

Marvin’s Avatar
Marvin yesterday 9 views

What steps do I need to take if I want to become a computer science major?

I'm in the 11th grade and I'm taking a few programming classes. What more should I be doing if I want to become a cs major?

Pei Bin’s Avatar
Pei Bin yesterday 8 views

How can I get into software engineer or game design?

What will help me achieve my goal of becoming a software engineer or game designer?

Jalen’s Avatar
Jalen yesterday 12 views

Why is coding so important right now and will it be important in the future?

I am wondering how coding affects society today and how it can and might affect the future.

Aiden’s Avatar
Aiden yesterday 11 views

What are some computer science careers and the education required to attain them?

Computer science

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew yesterday 28 views

How do you know you have made it in life?

What is the fine line of a successful life how do you know?

Lakiriaha’s Avatar
Lakiriaha May 11, 2021 194 views

Can someone tell me the training or background as a criminal investigator?

I want to know more about the work history or expertise. #career-counseling

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew yesterday 14 views

How does one get started in the Computer Sciences field? What steps have to be taken?

I am looking into the computer sciences field as my choice of career. I have not dedicated this to my career choice as of yet, but it is one of the more promising selections. I just want to know how to get started so that I can delve deeper into my exploration of computer sciences.

mia’s Avatar
mia yesterday 21 views

Career ready questions?

Why do we need to be career ready?
What are the first steps?
How will I plan it?
When does this occur right now?

Adiya’s Avatar
Adiya Oct 19, 2020 186 views

Is it fun?

Do you go to this job and enjoy it or do you say I GET to go or I HAVE to go #Nurse #NursePractitioner

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew yesterday 37 views

How to keep pursuing your dreams when you know they might not work out?

When you are not confident in something how do you keep pushing through

David’s Avatar
David yesterday 37 views

What is your purpose to work, is it only money?

Name the reason why you want to work. Many people work for money, are you one of them.

Van’s Avatar
Van yesterday 20 views

Courses for software engineer

What courses should I take to become a software engineer?

alexandra’s Avatar
alexandra Sep 13 130 views

Work Life Balance of a Therapist?

What is the overall work life balance of a clinical mental health therapist? Is the job stressful, do you have a hard time disassociating at the end of the day?

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve yesterday 35 views

Should I double major in both data science and data analytics? Or should I major in one and minor in another?

I feel that as a data analysis, I would have more career options. However, being a data scientist appeals to me. Should I major in data science, and minor in data analytics, or vice versa? Can a data scientist work as a data analyst?

Dawit’s Avatar
Dawit yesterday 20 views

Highschool jobs?

When is it a good time to get your first job? is getting a job during highschool a good idea?

Jiale’s Avatar
Jiale Apr 04 105 views

Is it better to major in general chemistry or major in a more specific part of chemistry?

An example of a more specific major would be chemical engineering or organic chemistry.

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler 20 hours ago 26 views

What would make you stand out as a candidate for a job position?

Type of degree - very rare but where you received your degree

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Apr 06 344 views

Is college generally more laid back than high school?

I've heard that college is a lot less stressful and 'fast-paced' in comparison to high school. Is this true?

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Nov 15, 2019 245 views

Would welding be a good idea for me?

I like working and doing good deeds.#welding

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle yesterday 32 views

What's the hardest thing about being an accountant?

I am currently a junior in high school, and I'm considering majoring in business in the future. I'd like to know more about accounting as a career.

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley 2 days ago 59 views

?How long till i become rich.

How Many years till i become rich off of being a welder?

Teddy’s Avatar
Teddy yesterday 24 views

Where and how can I find mentors for all kinds of niches?

I am interested in life advice, college advice, business, and finance.

Shirley’s Avatar
Shirley yesterday 27 views

What college major should I go for if I like math and music?

I'm a Senior in high school and will be submitting my applications in two months. I like math and music, but I am lost if there are any majors related. Could I get some recommendations?

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