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Salay A.’s Avatar
Salay A. Salay A. yesterday 16 views

How can I not be so scared for change?

I am in a strict family where my destiny was sorta written for me and it isn't something I want. I want to make the change, but I am scared to go into college alone and I feel like time is going faster than I am. I feel like I can't catch up. #college #college-advice...


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Kamari B. Kamari B. yesterday 32 views

What should a confused student do?

I'm going to be a junior this upcoming fall but I am no longer passionate in the major I chose coming into my freshman year. What do I do after school? Do I continue along this path? #major...


Amonte B.’s Avatar
Amonte B. Amonte B. Jul 27 39 views

Is it ok to choose 2 career goals and take college classes for both at the same time and start whichever goal you complete first

I am 17yrs old about to start 12th grade when school begins i am a honor student who has made honor roll every report card since 1st grade and i want to graduate with honors and accept my full scholarship with University of Michigan but I’m not quite sure which career goal i really want to...

#college #scholarship #college-admissions #college-advice

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Zariah N. Zariah N. 3 hours ago 3 views

How to ask for help for your mental health?

I'm a 22-year-old college student that stills lives at home. I enjoy writing short stories and watching wrestling on my free time. I love listening to rock n roll and mental every day. #writing #journalism...


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Dae'Jahon J. Dae'Jahon J. 4 hours ago 4 views

Why do people go for careers

Nothing about me will help w answering the question but i just wonder what's wrong with looking at simple jobs first instead of immediately hopping into a commitment like a career #job #career...


Jeremiah T.’s Avatar
Jeremiah T. Jeremiah T. 5 hours ago 4 views

Is being a orthodontist a rewarding job?

I can read French and play the piano, and would like a career that gives me a sense of accomplishment. #job...


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Aramis H. Aramis H. yesterday 36 views

How do I get involved in internships and work experience?

I want to gain as much hands-on experience as possible so that I can use it in the future and be that much better because of it. #internship #job...


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Asiah J. Asiah J. 6 hours ago 2 views

What is the college process?

I would like to be a chef but I want to know what the college process is like and is it a great enough experience. #chef...


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Cordell B. Cordell B. 14 hours ago 13 views

What do I need to do to get my own business registered?

I started my own entertainment company at 15 will be 18 soon and want it to be legit....


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Nehemiah L. Nehemiah L. yesterday 27 views
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Angel S. Angel S. 22 hours ago 18 views
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Cassie M. Cassie M. 15 hours ago 6 views

How is the work load in your field?

I am interested in becoming a program and management analyst in the FBI, as well as becoming a director of operations. #fbi...


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Leo Isaac C. Leo Isaac C. 16 hours ago 7 views
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Patricia C. Patricia C. 21 hours ago 12 views

What are some tips that I get to become a successful business woman?

I want to be rich, be my own boss and have a successful business. #business #boss #...

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Dayshaun S. Dayshaun S. yesterday 10 views
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Ava W. Ava W. 18 hours ago 6 views

What's the first step to starting a business?

Im 15 years old; I have been baking for a couple of years, and have a pretty good amount of experience. The first step I am taking to achieve this goal is creating my own website. Is this the right thing to do? #entrepreneur...


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Michelle P. Michelle P. 18 hours ago 5 views

How long does a tattoo art take?

I want to do tattoo art when I’m older but I don’t have a lot of patients...


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Aleece H. Aleece H. 18 hours ago 4 views
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Kyana J. Kyana J. May 29, 2016 563 views

where in New York can i be an intern for the summer?

I would like to be an intern for the summer but don't know a law firm that hires a 16 year old junior. #law #communications #communication #intern #pre-law #new-york...