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Kaitlin B.’s Avatar
Kaitlin B. 5 hours ago 7 views

What steps should I take to being a tattoo artist

Not sure what I would need in terms of schooling Im familiar with a machine and how to use it but yk?...


jim P.’s Avatar
jim P. Nov 05 94 views

How do i get into real estate?

I am a quick learner and very interested in this career....


Benjamin N.’s Avatar
Benjamin N. Nov 02 93 views

How do I create Brand Awareness?

My name is Benjamin and I am currently a Junior in high school. After I graduate high school I plan to become a businessman. So my question is how do I create brand awareness so it could be like brands like Champion,Nike, and etc? business business-management entrepreneur marketing...


cedric R.’s Avatar
cedric R. 19 hours ago 22 views

How do I start an business

I got everything I need How should I start it #...


Maddy S.’s Avatar
Maddy S. Oct 19 111 views

What is the job setting for working in marketing/business?

I was wondering if working in marketing or business requires you to be in an office or cubicle setting the entire day because I am not sure what the exact setting would be. business...


Emiliano M.’s Avatar
Emiliano M. Nov 08 50 views

What college is best for a career as an author

I'm a high school junior in California and I would like to stay in-state...


kevin X.’s Avatar
kevin X. Nov 15 70 views

What are some steps to help me down the road in the marketing department that I can take now.

I am a high school Junior student trying to learn more about entrepreneurship especially marketing at the moment. Thanks!...


Gabriel P.’s Avatar
Gabriel P. Dec 03 59 views

How can I further improve myself?

I am a Chemical Engineering student interested in renewable energy, biotechnology, and process engineering. I am pursuing minors in Energy Studies and Engineering Corporate Practice to further expand my skillset to include an understanding of economics and policy, project management, and...

engineer chemical-engineering environment business renewable-energy process-engineer career

cedric R.’s Avatar
cedric R. 19 hours ago 25 views
DD M.’s Avatar
DD M. Oct 29 96 views

What to choose?

Having an interest of being a part of the Banking Industry and wanting to excel in there , Which of the majors today would help me achieve it the best , considering the Future and its needs and requirements ? finance...


Linh P.’s Avatar
Linh P. 2 days ago 39 views

How many hours do people in finance usually work daily?

As a student who's aspiring to be in the finance world, I want to know how people's life is shaped daily in their financing career. business finance career...


Linh P.’s Avatar
Linh P. 2 days ago 45 views

Is a financing a stable career?

I want to live my life to its fullest and have fun. But I also want to have a stable job career, so I don't have to worry so much. career job career-choice finance business career-counseling...


Alexandra C.’s Avatar
Alexandra C. Jun 20, 2018 420 views

Best college track and field programs to become a professional athlete?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! college sports...

college-athletics track-and-field college-sports track

Alex H.’s Avatar
Alex H. Nov 30 77 views

Does your major in college have to relate to your future career?

Is it possible to have a career in another department that is significantly college career-choice major different compared to your...

Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. Dec 01 60 views

How long should you delay meeting with a recruiter that reached out to you?

A recruiter recently reached out to me about a possible position because someone from the company referred her to me. I never applied for this specific position, I'm actually waiting to hear back about another position I interviewed for at this same company. I also had someone on LinkedIn who...

job recruiter job-search career