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julian H. Sep 24 14 views
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Tumas R. Jan 20, 2018 269 views

How much math do bankers do?

I am curious about what levels of mathematics I have to take to prepare my financial...


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Archana V. 4 hours ago 0 views

What can I do now to become a therapist or psychologist?

I am in 9th grade (14 yrs old), and I want to major in psychology or neuroscience in college. What are things I can do know to get into good psychology or neuroscience programs for college. I know that I need good grades, but what are some specific internships or research opportunities I should...

#psychology #clinical-psychology #neuroscience #therapy

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simona M. 6 hours ago 6 views

Dentistry and passion for fashion,how could it get together?:(

Im a general dentist,wich didn’t practiced for about 5y and i love fashion,styling,communication,people and making things trying to find myself again in the profession that ive got,but i don’t know what is the right way... #fashion #fashiondesign...


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Allison D. Mar 16, 2018 219 views
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julian H. Sep 24 18 views

Does it pay off in the end to be a construction worker?

To know weather or not it will be good for me in the long run. #construction...


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Meghan H. Oct 03 16 views

Is it worth the time and money to get a master's degree in social work?

I am currently a social work major at Grand Valley State University, and I have been considering getting a master's in social work. I am not set on that however, because of the cost and time....


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Rory I. Sep 11 62 views

What advice can you give a technology student on finding a job after graduation and being successful long-term in the field?

I am new to the Information technology Field and I'm currently studying to be certified in CCNA and CompTIA A+. I just really want to be one of the best in this field despite being a new comer. Thank you! #technology #engineering #information-technology #computer #job-search #ccna #comptia...

#computer-software #computer-engineer

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M G. yesterday 15 views

Where can I work as an artist who is still in college but no portfolio yet?

Is it possible to still offer some service to a company without my portfolio and at least get some experience working in or around a game dev. studio? I am stuck between needing to pay the bills and finding a fulfilling career. #video-games #art #video-game-development...


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Ray K. Oct 13 11 views

How can I become a journalist/author/writer for psychology research?

I am a high school senior with a passion for psychology and a knack for writing. I am looking to major in psychology. Should I minor or dual major in English, or another field? What else do I need to pursue in order to accomplish this? #psychology #college-major #english #research-psychology...

#author #journalism #writing

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Morgan S. Oct 03 14 views

What should I minor in to become a clinical psychologist?

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Julian A. Mar 14, 2018 208 views

I am an aspiring general dentist or other medical professional. Does where I attend college have an impact on my chances of attending graduate schools or beginning my career?

I'm asking because I am currently deciding between two schools and one has much better medical programs but is far more expensive....


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Raul-Sebastian C. Jan 17, 2018 268 views

What are my best options if I am currently attending school while on DACA, want to apply to graduate school and or med school but am not sure if I'll still have it by that time?

My DACA expires in two years, my mother is applying for citizenship sometime relatively soon but we are not sure how long that process will take and by that time my DACA may be expired and I'll be extremely limited on what graduate schools and or med schools I can apply to. #medicine #daca...

#college #graduate-school #immigration #college-admissions #biology

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David H. Oct 09 77 views

I'm 25 years old

I have no work experience besides working in the family business (restaurant) I almost finished my Business Bachelors' degree, -which in my opinion is not really valuable. On the side, I try to lean Python and some Computer science principals and taking extra courses on coursera and EDX. and...

#business #indepedence #career

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Gillian C. May 09 247 views

How to prepare for an internship?

I’m in progress of a computer science bachelor degree. However, I’ve only had two coding classes: an introductory class using Visual Basic, and C++. I do not feel that I have learned much and would like to be more qualified for future internships. How may I further increase my knowledge outside...

#technology #computer-science #internship #computer #softwareengineer #science #software #computer-software #womeninstem #softwaredeveloper #stem

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Christian S. Jun 02 108 views

How do companies view military service?

When hiring, do companies view military service as a good or bad thing? If it it a good thing, what branch looks best? Marines, Army, Army National Guard, Air Force, Air National Guard, Navy, Coast Guard? And does it look better to have been an enlisted or officer? (I'm guessing the best...

#army #pilot #corporate #future #aviation #career #marine #hiring #navy #technology #marines #company #any #college #coast-guard #military #major

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j J. Sep 24 12 views

how do i get into a branch of Militray

i am passionate and outgoing. i like to play sports and ridee bmx. #sports...


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Georgia G. Oct 16 8 views

What do yall recommand I take to perpare for both CMA and a lawyer

I am in Job Corps and I and planning on going into CMA (Certified Nursing Assistant) but plan on going to law school to be a lawyer #law-school #nursing...


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Jeremiah E. Sep 24 11 views
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julian H. Sep 24 10 views

When is it difficult being a construction worker?

Would like to see what times are more difficult and what to expect....


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Arleth H. Mar 17, 2015 751 views

When working in a forensic science position what are the character strengths that you have to be strong on in order to be successful?

Hi i am a Freshman in high school i am interested in the forensic science field but i am wondering what character do you need to be successful in the job. #forensic...