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Business can be divided into two main parts. One side of a business is to generate revenue, and the other hand is focused on improving processes within the company. For...

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What is the simplest way to get into the world of CyberSecurity?

I am a freshman at Cal Poly Pomona majoring in Computer Information Systems. I would like to develop my technical skills but I am not quite sure where to start. Any advice would be helpful, thank you....


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What are some career or leadership experiences that will help me choose my career

I'm currently interested in business and the STEM world, though I still enjoy playing sports and instrumental music. I would really appreciate any opportunities (online or in-person)! #careerchoice #highschool #stem #business #career #opportunities #internship...


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where can I meet advertising professionals to network? I looking an internship opportunity in advertising industry.

I'm a self-taught Web Designer, SEO and Search Engine Marketer out of Toronto. I'm also the founder of Ads of Toronto, a curated website library dedicated to advertisements published in Toronto and, a free website building platform. I'm passionate about media Planning, buying...

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Jessica F. Jan 23 20 views

What is an accountants pay like?

I'm interested in joining the business trade and hopefully becoming an accountant but have no prior experience. #business #finance #accounting...

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RE: Week 1 Discussion

im 24 years old looking for an internship with the FBI #internship...


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Zachary S. Jan 10 103 views

What does being a business major take?

I'm looking for colleges and I want to be a business major, but I don't know what to focus on and I'm not sure how to go about college (majors and minors). #business #major...


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Dylan W. Jan 10 117 views

What can I do with a business management degree?

I've been a supervisor for the last 9 years and I want to understand my options for my major. I will be graduating college this December and want to know the different paths of management that are out there #management #business #college...


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Abdullah M. Jan 03 114 views

College Major Choice/ Career Advice

Hi! I'm a senior in high school, and I'm currently applying to colleges. I'm noticing that my list is rather small due to my specific major choice, marketing. I don't know if I should apply to the "prestigious" colleges that don't have business majors and just major in econ. I...

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Alysa G. Dec 04, 2019 50 views long i can be in the trade? much hours i can work for business? 3.what is important for me to know before inter the trade?

My name is Alysa from yap..i want to take the business trade because for me i like math mostly..i love counting and deal with mathematics.. #business #math...


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How can I get experience in cyber security while I am studying to get certifications?

I am a business student wanting to start a Cybersecurity business. #cybersecurity #business...


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Abdullah M. Dec 16, 2019 159 views

Career and Life advice?

Hi, I'm Abdullah a senior in high school in NYC. I have applied to colleges, mostly business schools but I'm not sure if this was the right choice long term. I'm interested in consumer psychology and social psychology - why people buy the things they do and how companies have the power to...

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I have business studies ,coputer application technology acconting and mathematical literacy as my subjects are those enough or will i need to take a bridging course before i start studing to become a news anchor ?

Hi i am lerato and 15 years of age i live in south africa .I think news is a very important role in our daily life . That is why i want to become a news anchor . Your response to my question will intend be helpful in my decision making. #journalism #business...


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Austin C. Dec 12, 2019 92 views

What are some of the challenges you face when starting your own business?

I am in 11th grade, I attend a few business classes already, and I am interested in starting my own business. #entrepreneur...


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What is the hardest part of creating your own business?

I'm a high school student, I have taken multiple business classes that include the marketing and entrepreneurship aspect of the business. #business...


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How much money does an accountant make?

I'm in business class, and I am in the accounting department in that class. #business #accounting #accountant...


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Why do some higher degrees offer a less salary?

One of the things I would like to pursue is becoming an entrepreneur or working as an architect. Well for one thing, I would like to run my own things, for example running my own business, or being able to draw a drawing on a piece of paper and later making it into a house or building....

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Jess M. Dec 10, 2019 67 views

If I want to get into fashion design, what would be the best first few steps?

I’m 17, and I’m just curious because I love thinking about outfits. I just would like to know some of the first steps to make my ideas into reality. #fashion #fashion #fashion-design #graphic-design #design #marketing #business #art...