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Career Questions tagged College Major

During their college education, students must declare a major or a focus area of study. Choosing a college major can be difficult if you are unsure about what you are...

Oluomachi U.’s Avatar
Oluomachi U. Oluomachi U. 8 hours ago 4 views

How many years does it take to complete a biomed/bio engineering bachelor degree?

Does the time needed to complete a degree depend mainly on the college/university you attend? Or is it a consensus? #engineering #college #college-major...


Zeinab A.’s Avatar
Zeinab A. Zeinab A. Jul 30 24 views

Is public health going to be feasible?

I would like to know possible careers for someone in public health, and if that is a feasible major since it is a popular major for this year due to the epidemic. #college-major #healthcare #pharmacist #health #major...


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Sam S. Sam S. Jul 19 99 views

What do UX/UI designers major in and what are some daily tasks you do on the job?

I'm an IST major going into my last semester. Most of the classes I've had for my major have been web development/network architectures related. I think this is main reason why I started liking front end, but recently I've really wanted to learn more about UX/UI design. I've always had a strong...

#ux #computerscience #art #college-major #design #ui

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Lillian H. Lillian H. Jul 14 104 views

Are there any college majors that combine physics and neuroscience?

Physics and neuroscience are my main passions that I want to study more in college, but I am really tied between them, so does anyone know any majors that combine them? I thought about biomedical or electrical engineering, but I am open to more recommendations! #physics #college #engineering...

#science #college-major

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Lillian H. Lillian H. Jul 12 45 views

What should I do for college applications if I just switched from Physics to Neuroscience as a prospective major?

Over the summer ( a couple days ago), I switched paths from physics to neuroscience. But I never took AP Biology or AP Chemistry. I will be entering senior year next month, taking AP Physics 2, AP Calculus BC, and AP Statistics as my STEM courses. I only took AP Psychology just last year....


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Walter H. Walter H. Jul 12 149 views

What courses provide the best trajectory for someone looking to become a Software Engineer?

A bit about myself, I'm currently attending Job Corps. for the CCNA program on Networking. My goal is to complete this and pursue an advanced training for Database Administration, I believe using Microsoft Azure Architecture. A program Job Corps. offers is a transition to a two year or four...

#college #computer-software #college-major #technology #software

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K S. K S. Jul 12 77 views

What should I major in/should I even go to college?

I’m 16 and a senior in high school. I want to do something with animals but not necessarily become a vet. I could volunteer at shelters but I’m not sure what I want my main career to be. I was thinking maybe real estate or architecture or maybe even run my own animal sanctuary but I’m not sure...

#volunteer #senior #real-estate #career #veterinarian #college #16 #college-major #animals #architecture #animal-sanctuary

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Oluomachi U. Oluomachi U. Jul 06 93 views

What do you think are the best minors for a BME major?

I know what I want to major in, but I'm wondering if computer science is a good minor. #college-major #major #college-minor #computer-science #engineering...


Tahlaiya T.’s Avatar
Tahlaiya T. Tahlaiya T. Jul 05 52 views

How do i find majors that correalate with ASL?

I'm a newly high school graduate and I'm purusing a career in ASL- American Sign Language as an interpreter(my college major is Deaf Studies). However, people keep on asking me what do i want to teach with the association with ASL because i want to teach it to people and right now, i don't...

#teaching #asl #college-major

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Samantha S. Samantha S. Jun 27 115 views

What classes should I take in college if I am undecided ?

I am 18 years old and I start college in the Fall I do not know what I want to study and I have many interests such as Dance, Psychology, Nursing, Business, Photography. I am the type to change my mind a lot and I am not sure what I want to focus on. #college #business #college-major...


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Elizabeth C. Elizabeth C. Jun 27 70 views

What steps do I need to take in order to work in marketing and advertising?

I am really creative and like to think outside of the box. I want to study in an area surrounding business, I am interested in the field of marketing and advertising and think is the career that I would like to stick with. #marketing #business #advertising #entrepreneur...


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Destiny T. Destiny T. Jun 27 63 views
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Jakaila B. Jakaila B. Jun 26 78 views

How can I figure this mess out?

Nobody in my family has gone to college and finished it. Talking to them about college is like talking to a wall. Google is a good substitute, but the information I've been able to glean is not satisfactory. I have absolutely no idea what I want to do for a living. #college #college-major...

#student #college-admissions #college-advice

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ataberdi B. ataberdi B. Jun 26 40 views

are we allowed to select 2 majors at community colleges? if yes, should we.

#college-major I am a student and i am interested in design esp. fashion, industrial, animation design and business. i want complete community college in LA then i want to complete my bachelors and maybe masters in NEW YORK. i want to study 2 majors , if possible 1 minor in a community...

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Katherine C. Katherine C. Jun 26 72 views

How do I begin to narrow down my interest in order to choose a career path?

I'm a rising college student that is majoring in Environmental and Sustainability, although I'm not sure I will remain with this major. I feel clueless as I don't have any passion for a career, and I don't see how I can turn my interests into a career or livelihood. #college #undecided...

#career #college-major

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Clare D. Clare D. Jun 25 73 views

Advice for picking an undergrad major?

Hello! I am trying to pick an undergrad major, and I am very indecisive! Currently, I am looking at many majors ranging from policy to marketing. I love FASHION, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, ACTIVISM, and PSYCHOLOGY! If anyone knows of any undergrad majors that are vague or versatile enough for me...

#psychology #undecided #fashion-design #fashion #highpaying #college #environmentalscience #college-major #major

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somkid L. somkid L. Jun 24 55 views

Degree vs Certificate

When comes to getting an education in the field of Cybersecurity, is it better to get a certificate in the field, such as the Comptia security+, or a bachelors degree in Cybersecurity. I want some thoughts on this question and want to know what do you have as your education when you start your...

#career #cybersecurity #college-major #higher-education

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Shreya G. Shreya G. Jun 17 67 views

What can I do with a BS in psychology?

I'm an incoming college freshman and plan on majoring in psychology. I want to make sure I'm going to get a degree that will be most useful to me after I graduate. #psychology...


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Mercedes K. Mercedes K. Jun 16 79 views

What are some suggested careers for someone who is interested in traveling, writing, and nutrition? (Not my only interests but just a few)

I am attending community college right now as a liberal arts major (I am currently in my second year but I have to obtain all of the required classes, credits, and I want to raise my GPA). #college #career #college-major #writer #writing #nutrition #travel...


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patricia I. patricia I. Jun 15 159 views

Advice for someone who confused with their college majors.

I'm a high school student, currently i'm a junior. I was planning to take marketing major at digital marketing but i feel like i'm not sure yet, any advice for this kind of things? :( #marketing #college #college-major...

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Philip C. Philip C. Jun 10 96 views
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Crystal C. Crystal C. Jun 09 92 views

What steps should I take to decide my future path?

All my friends have found their calling whether it's becoming a doctor or engineer. They have also found college majors that they want to pursue. I'm a bit different since I haven't found my calling or even a major. I have tried volunteering and researching career fields but nothing really...

#college-major #career-choice