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During their college education, students must declare a major or a focus area of study. Choosing a college major can be difficult if you are unsure about what you are...

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Athena R. Apr 02 46 views

What should I major in if I want to go to medical school?

Hello, my name is Athena and I am currently a junior in high school. As implied, I'm going to be applying to colleges soon (wow, time really does fly!). I'm actually doing dual-enrollment at my local community college, since I know med school takes a long time. I should be done with my GED...

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Alexandra R. Mar 01 104 views
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Connor M. Feb 26 100 views

What are some different careers or majors that I could pursue in Physics or engineering?

I really liked my physics class in high-school, and I am interested in engineering as well, but I am not sure how to move forward in that field. Any suggestions? #physics #engineering #majors #career...


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Jake C. Feb 26 75 views

What should someone going into the music industry major in and take for extracuriculars?

Hi, so I plan on going into the music industry but I also want to go to college. Is there a major that would be best? Also are there any other music-related extracurriculars I could participate in? #music #college-major #majors #entertainment #music-indudstry #musician...


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Ava S. Feb 24 85 views

What should i consider when applying to colleges to be a nurse?

I'm a Junior in highschool and I am applying to colleges. #college...


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Marco E. Feb 23 79 views

How do you get an engineering job or opportunity before leaving college

I'm a Jr who's fascinated by any type of engineering especially civil engineering. I plan on going to college for 4 years at most but i don't want those 4 years to go to waste if I never pursue a career in this area. #career-choice #information-technology #engineering #architect...

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Rachel W. Feb 22 125 views

Business or Psychology? I need help picking my major

I'm brand new here and have never posted. I don't know if anyone will even read this but I figure it's worth a shot. I'm pretty desperate for help. I have been incredibly indecisive on which major to go for. I've been in community college for 5 years now because I keep changing majors because...

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Dalton J. Feb 11 84 views

How do I pick a major for my future carrer

I'm a sophomore in high school and I enjoy editing and film making I'm not sure what to major in though #college-major #high-school #carrer #film...


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Laney D. Jan 25 107 views

What jobs could I get with getting a degree in hospitality?

I am looking to go to college to major in hospitality....


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Kaitlyn S. Jan 14 70 views

Since I'm going to be an Education major, would it be smart to double major in Early Childhood Education and Special Education?

Ever since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to become a teacher. Recently, I decided to study Special Education and I wanted to know if double majoring is smart or should I just stick with a major and a minor. #college-major...


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Olivia D. Nov 18, 2020 150 views

What is it like to be a politics or government major?

I am looking at being some type of lawyer. This is often the most related major a lot of colleges have. I’m curious to know the kinds of classes and assignments people with this major typically have. #givingiscaring #college #university #major #government #lawyer #college-major...


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CV Office Hours . Nov 16, 2020 165 views

Is it okay to choose a major without being sure what career I want to pursue?

Office Hours #2: SDSU College Student Panel This question was posed by a question during one of our most recent "CareerVillage Office Hours" sessions. During Office Hours sessions, we invite students to pose questions related to a specific topic. In this case, the topic was college life. If...

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Audriana M. Oct 27, 2020 91 views
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Bryce S. Oct 27, 2020 109 views

What are a few colleges that offer physical therapy as a major and have shown success with their programs?

I am a senior in high school, and have narrowed down my list of potential majors. Physical therapy is one of my top choices, and I am trying to get more information about colleges that offer this major. #college-major...


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Matthew M. Oct 23, 2020 102 views

What are some of the best schools for air traffic controlling, and is there any schools that have this training for this occupation in New Jersey.

Im a junior in high school and im looking into becoming an air traffic controller when I graduate college. I have an aunt that works as one in Oberlin OH and ive asked her questions but I dont see her as much so I thought it would be good to ask her. I play sports so I have the working with...

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Maiya L. Oct 21, 2020 105 views

What scholarships do you recommend to becoming a Medical Scientist?

I'm a Senior in High School, I want to go to a four-year college to major in biochemistry. #scientist #college-major...


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jasmine S. Sep 21, 2020 132 views

How can I successfully prepare to go into law enforcement?

I intend to go to college but want to major and minor in the right things that will hold me successful for my future. Do I need a backup plan just incase law enforcement doesn't work out? Thanks. #college-major #college #lawenforcement...


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Abigail D. Sep 13, 2020 224 views

Which risk management specialization track should I choose? There’s employee benefits, healthcare risk management, and property liability/ corporate risk management.

I’m currently a student enrolled in college and I’m looking to switch my major to risk management, and I’m not really sure which track I should do. I’m also looking into an accounting minor, but I’m not entirely sure how much that will help me. #college-major #colleges #risk...


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Lashea H. Jul 30, 2020 68 views

What research topics for psychology majors are practical yet interesting? #JULY20#PsychMajor#Bachelors#Masters#PrivatePractice

Hi everyone, my name is Lashea and I am an aspiring family counselor/theraphist! This past year I decided to take a leap of faith and change my major to psychology , lets just say that my journey has gotten a bit more interesting. I love exploring the minds of others, as well as listening to...


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Kurt E. Jul 16, 2020 204 views

Should I double major in music and microbiology?

I'm a rising senior and I am thinking about becoming a physician assistant. I have been playing french horn since 6th grade and also have a big interest in medicine. The problem is that I am not sure if I should double major in music and mcb or just microbiology. I want to have enough time...

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S V. Jul 25, 2020 176 views

What kind of jobs can I do that combine finance and politics (working in nonprofits or government)

I'm a senior in high school and my two main passions are politics and math. For this reason, I've decided to pursue a finance degree but lately I've been wondering if I should double major or minor in something political related (poli sci/ international relations/etc). Now I'm really confused...

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