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During their college education, students must declare a major or a focus area of study. Choosing a college major can be difficult if you are unsure about what you are...

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Darrian L. yesterday 11 views

Where can I get a good writing-based position?

I'm Darrian and I want to major in the English field later in life, where can I get started? #english #college-major...


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Charlie W. Jan 06 95 views

Should I minor in HR Management with a major in Chemistry

I'm an undergrad Chemistry freshman with multiple interests, from IT to music to business to astronomy and of course chemistry :) My questions are for anyone to answer. It will definitely help me make the best decisions. \m/ #chemistry #college #college-major #management #college-minor...

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Abdullah M. Jan 03 113 views

College Major Choice/ Career Advice

Hi! I'm a senior in high school, and I'm currently applying to colleges. I'm noticing that my list is rather small due to my specific major choice, marketing. I don't know if I should apply to the "prestigious" colleges that don't have business majors and just major in econ. I...

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Zala G. Dec 25, 2019 47 views

As a freshman, What are the initial steps for me to take and prepare myself for being in AI?

I see myself in AI, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. However, I am not really sure what are the initial steps i should take as a college Freshman. What skill i need to improve, what classes should I take, and what other activities should I get involved with to...

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Bethany R. Dec 18, 2019 123 views

How do I decide what major I should pick?

I am a third culture kid who has lived all over the place. I really love people and working with children , especially kids who come from rougher situations. I was looking into going in as a #psychology major but then I wanted to study more of the medicine aspect. But then I realized I love...

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Kaela H. Dec 12, 2019 118 views

Should I take physics or AP Bio senior year?

My guidance counselor suggested I take physics but I rather take AP Bio. It's more interesting and I want to major in Biology in college. (I want to be an optometrist) My counselor said she was concerned that colleges wouldn't the AP Bio credits but I think taking AP Bio would show my...

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brenda K. Nov 29, 2019 39 views

What is the typical day for a forensic psychologist? What exactly do they do?

I am graduating college in 2020 and am still confused on what exactly I should do. I have been interested in forensic psychology for years but am confused on exactly what to expect if I were to choose this career path. I am between becoming a forensic psychologist or a therapist. I also have...

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Zakura A. Nov 24, 2019 43 views

What senior high school track and college course should i choose to become a private investigator?

I am now in Grade 9, a 15 year old planning for the future :) , and I'm not sure what track should i choose in senior high school and course in college to become a private investigator. I've always loved doing detective things and now i decided that i should become a private investigator...

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Adam H. Nov 20, 2019 31 views
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Wesley L. Nov 20, 2019 43 views

What are some of the best colleges to go to if I'm looking to become a neurosurgeon?

I want to major in human biology to give myself the best chance possible of getting into medical school. I was wondering which colleges are the best to go to to pursue this goal. #college #college-major #biology...


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José Alberto G. Nov 16, 2019 41 views

What kind of jobs I can apply for as a Languages major?

I'm majoring in English and German. My mother tongue is Spanish #foreign-languages #english...


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Marissa S. Nov 14, 2019 52 views

Should I dual major in college?

If I want to be a high school teacher, would it be wise to dual major in math and a foreign language? Would it make schools more likely to hire me? #college #teaching #college-major...

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diego O. Oct 30, 2019 67 views

Were and how do you get peace in school with so much people around?

Diego's been my name for the past 20 years all I'm looking for is peace in my heart I feel like I have been trough a lot in the past 20 years of age that I have this is why I ask this question like school really the answer? #college #college-major #school...


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Rimsha B. Oct 17, 2019 57 views

What should i choose between nutrition and psychology?

I feel like psychology is an easy subject but on the other hand i am intrested in nutrition as well. I want a complete guide that which majors should i choose. #college-major #psychology #career...


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Jazmine S. Oct 15, 2019 83 views

The career you've chose this year seemed like the one that best fits you, but if you had a choice to pick a new career, would you change it or not?

I want to major in Anthropology, but it seems like sooner or later down my career path, I would want to become a Engineer that builds new homes or remodels homes. So it's like I'm debating on what career I would choose first. #career #college #career-choice #career-path #college-major...

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Ray K. Oct 14, 2019 73 views

Editors and publishers- what was your major?

I've heard that English is too broad and journalism is dying. Are these true? What did you major in to become an editor or publisher? I intend to major in psychology, but I am looking to dual major or minor in some kind of English. Can I still get a career as a publisher or editor if I just...

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Ray K. Oct 13, 2019 71 views

How can I become a journalist/author/writer for psychology research?

I am a high school senior with a passion for psychology and a knack for writing. I am looking to major in psychology. Should I minor or dual major in English, or another field? What else do I need to pursue in order to accomplish this? #psychology #college-major #english #research-psychology...

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Anonymous A. Oct 05, 2019 53 views

I want to switch majors

I want to learn about media production and use the classes I am taking for something NOW, like youtube. I don't want a major that is not useful to me until I get the degree. #college-major #major #college-major...


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Armando O. Oct 04, 2019 60 views

How beneficial would a minor in Mathematics be as a Mechanical Engineering major?

I'm a junior currently attending Astate CQ and I wanted to get some advice about minoring in math or maybe even in business. I would like to know in what direction would I be heading towards having these types of minors. Also, how should I chose between those minors or should I also open up to...

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