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Career Questions tagged College Major

During their college education, students must declare a major or a focus area of study. Choosing a college major can be difficult if you are unsure about what you are...

Andrew M.’s Avatar
Andrew M. 17 hours ago 13 views

What would i major in to become a good entrepreneur?

I dont know what to major in even though one of the options is entrepreneurship. Do I choose that as a major or something else.

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Sarah L. May 08 73 views

How did you know what you’re going to be in the future? What you’re going to study..

So, I’m an 11th grader right now, and I don’t have a clue about what I’m going to study in university. I just want to know how other people found out.

Athena R.’s Avatar
Athena R. May 03 75 views

do you regret going into computer science?

for those who are software engineers- is there work life balance? is working on a computer for most of the day draining?

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David B. Apr 29 98 views

Software Engineers; How difficult would you consider college to be for you?

I'm researching the career for a class right now and I was wondering if your major was very hard for you. I know that some may be easier than others.

isys L.’s Avatar
isys L. Apr 28 62 views

how do you figure out what major you want to be in ?

I want to major in psychology and possibly economics but im not sure which one im more passionate about.

Anita S.’s Avatar
Anita S. Apr 28 149 views

I just need some advice and opinions! :)

I plan on going to a safety school because it offers the courses I need, and it's financially more practical. Although it's not highly renowned I feel like that won't matter as much when I apply to grad school (medicine). I've been told that the college you go to doesn't affect your chances of...

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Anita S. Apr 28 84 views
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Jonathan V. Apr 15 153 views

Should I choose the college that's better overall or better for my major?

I sometimes wonder if my major will be better in a college that's deemed worse compared to other colleges and so should I go with the college that is considered better, or the college that is better for my major.

ashley L.’s Avatar
ashley L. Apr 11 93 views

College majors

Have you switched majors in college before? If so, how was the process?

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Nathan L. Apr 07 80 views
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Edwin Y. Apr 05 199 views

How do you find internship?

I want to know how people find internship for major they are currently perusing.

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Aaron B. Apr 05 77 views

i need a plan for after city college?

I'm planning to go to city college but I wanted to know if there is anything to prep me for mechanical engineering or a way to get into that after city

Kailun C.’s Avatar
Kailun C. Apr 04 88 views

What are some things to look forward to in psychology major in college

Just wondering what are some things to look forward to as a psychology major in college. Like what are some classes to look forward to taking for psychology?

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Jamir D. Apr 04 70 views

Paid Time Off how long is it ?

Always stick to yourself and focus on what your trade is

Mingkang L.’s Avatar
Mingkang L. Apr 04 89 views

What's the main difference from a state university and a UC?

Does my major matter if I want to decide to go to a UC or a state school?

Helen F.’s Avatar
Helen F. Apr 03 96 views

Do you recommend students to double-major?

I have a career goal and know what my passion is but I’d also like to study something that I like at college (eg. design). What should I do?

Qianlin F.’s Avatar
Qianlin F. Apr 01 108 views

How to combine these two majors, economics and film & media?

I may have to declare the major Economics in college, but I still want to learn about film and media.

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Matthew Q. Mar 25 129 views
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Blanca S. Mar 03 127 views

If I want to go to a good college, which ones would you recommend me?

I live in Texas, I wonder how long it will take me if I become a bestselling author and what type of education I can get. #education #college #college-major

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Gabriel C. Mar 02 155 views

In which cities can I go to be taught to weld underwater?

I live in El Paso, TX. I was born here in El Paso. I really like what he talks about welding. because everything that has to do with underwater welding inspires me #college #psychology #college-major

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Alexander E. Mar 01 139 views

what would be some good class to take in college if i want to go into engineering

I am a sophomore in high school and I want to start looking at colleges with a good engineering program and what classes I should take,thanks!
#college #engineer #college-major #classes #engineering

Ingrid H.’s Avatar
Ingrid H. Mar 01 188 views

Is switching majors in college okay?

Hello, I hear of a lot of people who switch majors in college. I have also heard that this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I would also like to hear from someone who has switched majors before, and ask if they thought it was the right thing to do. If so, when is it appropriate to do so and...