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MiKayla B. Sep 06

What is a good college to go to for computer network architects?

I am working on getting a career as a Computer Network Architect. I wanted to know who would be good to know so I can get a head start. #architect #computer #computernetworkarchitect #computernetwork #networking...


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Isabella J. Dec 10, 2018

What colleges provide cultural theology as a major?

I've always liked learning about history but my biggest interest is learning more about many of the religions around the world and I would like to know what colleges I can attend in the future that would provide the major that I'm interested in. #college-major #culturaltheology...


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Aurora V. Aug 29, 2018

How do I know what college Im going to be happy at?

Im thinking of different colleges such as: New Mexico Military Institute, New Mexico Sate University, Lubbock Christian, Texas Tech . I don't want to go to a college and then waste the money and not like i t there , and want to go somewhere else. What do I do? #colleges...


Nerissa C.鈥檚 Avatar
Nerissa C. Aug 27, 2018

What are some good outreach programs for Nursing students ?

preferably in low income areas , with limited resources for women's health. #colleges...


Bethany D.鈥檚 Avatar
Bethany D. Aug 26, 2018

Which is better: going to a community college and then transferring, or going straight to a four year college?

Some people tell me to save money by going to a community college first, and that is what all of my siblings have done, but others say that going to a four year college makes things simpler. I am not sure what they mean, but which do you think is better and why? #colleges...


Stephanie S.鈥檚 Avatar
Stephanie S. Aug 25, 2018

What is the difference between majoring in Business and majoring in Business Management?

I鈥檓 interested in Business but I want to educate myself on my major options that deal with Business. #business...


Bavi R.鈥檚 Avatar
Bavi R. Aug 18, 2018

What was the hardest thing to overcome in college

I want to go to a community college first then transfer to a four year university which is very ideal and undoubtedly cheaper but overall I am worried that I鈥檓 looking in one direction but the real obstacle I should be worried about is being ignored. I鈥檓 just wondering if there鈥檚 more to look...

#colleges #obstacles

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Ralia C. Jun 26, 2016

What is like at Texas Tech University?

I think I want to go there for college, but I am a little hesitant and would want some personal opinions. #college-bound #colleges #college-jobs...


Bailey S.鈥檚 Avatar
Bailey S. Aug 14, 2018

What should I study (major and minor in) in college if I want to be an elementary school teacher?

Should I specialize in something other than education? #teacher #colleges...


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Catera G. Aug 02, 2018

What are the best psychology schools in the United States?

Preferably would like to hear experience from those who majored in psychology....


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Gordon U. May 12, 2018

Is it worth going to my dream school if it costs significantly more than an acedemically comparable school?

I am a high school junior, and I am unsure of if I should choose my dream school (Notre Dame) over a school that is about as good but less expensive. I obviously have not applied to any schools yet, but I am trying to prepare for when I do. #college #financial-aid #choosing-a-college #colleges...


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Meredith W. Jun 27, 2018

What are the best colleges for veterinary medicine?

I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up and I would like to know where I can go to become one. #veterinarian #veterinary #animals #college #colleges...


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Grace H. Jun 27, 2018

what college did you go to?

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Messinah P. Jul 06, 2018
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AnnMargaret P. Jun 29, 2018
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kamryn G. May 30, 2018

What United States Colleges Have the Best Entomology Programs?

Hey! I am an aspiring entomologist and am currently trying to decide what colleges would be best for my desired field. I live in the south but really am willing to go pretty much anywhere in the United States to study. #entomology #colleges #picking...


Vanessa R.鈥檚 Avatar
Vanessa R. May 28, 2018

Do applying as undeclared hold you back from graduating from a university in four years?

I want to graduate in four years but I feel that applying as undeclared may cause me to spend time and money on classes that won't be useful for my major. #money #colleges...


Sofia A.鈥檚 Avatar
Sofia A. May 24, 2018

How can I be sure of what I want to major in?

My idea of career I want to do has been extremely vague. I love writing, get the best grade in math, and have an interest in psychology. However, I can never seem to narrow it down to what I want to do. And I'm terrified of the idea of choosing a major that I either don't enjoy or won't do...

#colleges #career

Jacquelyn P.鈥檚 Avatar
Jacquelyn P. May 19, 2016

What is the best college for nursing?

I am interested in being a nurse and I want to go to a college with a good nursing program. #nurse #colleges #nursing #hospital-and-health-care...


Mireia R.鈥檚 Avatar
Mireia R. Feb 17, 2018

Would you recommend graduating early in college if you have all the credits?

My fields of study may require lots of graduate school so is there a way to shorten the time I'm working towards a bachelor's? If so, how? And is that recommended? I really appreciate personal experience and guidance. #college #college-advice #higher-education #colleges #college-major...

#early-graduation #college-admissions #college-bound #college-advising #college-selection #graduation

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Audra S. May 18, 2016

Is living in a living community a good idea?

I'm not sure what to do. I want to meet new people, but I also want to make sure I have friends in my classes. Will I be missing out on a lot if I chose a living community? I want to participate in everything college has to offer and I'm afraid a living community would restrict me to a small...

#colleges #career #higher-education

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Sowmiya K. May 10, 2016

what is the salary of the cardiologist

hi iam sowmiya.iam studying 10std.i want to become a i want to know the an #doctor #teacher #nurse #colleges #scientist...


Robert W.鈥檚 Avatar
Robert W. May 18, 2016

If I'm going for a degree in culinary arts and hospitality, why do I have to take/pay for classes that will not necessarily help nor affect anything with culinary arts?

I want to be a chef and try and innovate the current food industry. My parents own a restaurant and I hope to further their business and bring fresh good quality food to America. Not the processed food widely available today. #colleges #chef #culinary-arts #food #food-service...


Bridget S.鈥檚 Avatar
Bridget S. Feb 25, 2017

What are some grad schools that offer a Master of Finance degree?

Looking into graduate school and starting a list of possible graduate schools that offer a Master of Finance degree. #finance #higher-education #colleges #masters-degree #mba #corporate-finance...


Nolan J.鈥檚 Avatar
Nolan J. Feb 08, 2017

Can you go to a four-year college for this?

In a cosmetology field are there colleges that teach four years of it? #colleges #cosmetology #cosmetics...