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Career Questions tagged Colleges

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Samuel Mar 20 34 views

How many years of education to be in agriculture?

In state of arizona

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jaime Mar 20 18 views

How was your game at school today?

How have your days been gong these past days?
How or u interested in this team?

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Renee Mar 17 63 views

What should I consider when I choose a college?

I am starting to look into colleges and I'm not sure if i should focus on environment of the place or the quality of education I would get.

Rowen’s Avatar
Rowen Mar 10 147 views

how do I know if a college is good or not?

I am wondering if the colleges I have been looking at are a good education, how would I know this?

FAITH’s Avatar
FAITH Mar 07 147 views

what are the best note taking methods for college to help understand the work?

just want to know.

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Jaylin Mar 04 105 views

What is a suggestion for online collages for psychology? Is it more easy or hard? Anything I should know before considering online?

I would like to get my masters in psychology, professional counseling or whatever I can get. I am currently applying to scholarships to help but won none so far. I was wondering if online is better then in person collage counseling or if they have different benefits and what are they. Thank you...

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Dennis Feb 22 272 views

what are tips after high school?

I'm currently a senior in high school

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Ariana Feb 20 63 views

What colleges in Arizona offer programs or classes for veterinarian technician?

Such as biology, or wildlife programs

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Sky Feb 20 220 views

When should I start researching colleges I want to go to and how do I know what I want to major in?

I am a 9th-grade student, I am into a range of different things such as art and law. I have a lot of things I'm passionate about and I want to be able to incorporate them into my future career.

rozlynn’s Avatar
rozlynn Feb 09 249 views

How and what can I do to prepare myself for college ?

What classes will I need to take for nursing? I can study more and try harder to be successful.

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Hailey Jan 30 79 views

What four year school is best to study radiology in south carolina?

study radiology

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Dec 16, 2022 224 views

Resources for researching colleges?

For some time, I've been looking around at different colleges to get my bachelor's in. I've found several that I've liked, and I'm still looking around for potential options. Besides the colleges' websites and college tours, what are good ways to research a college? Are there any platforms in...

kendra’s Avatar
kendra Dec 09, 2022 265 views

How much does the training/education cost for med school?

What does the cost look like

Daphne’s Avatar
Daphne Dec 08, 2022 273 views

Can a college's quality of education be told by its acceptance rate?

I've heard mixed answers on this, and I'm unsure. Please let me know!

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Dec 08, 2022 259 views

How should I consider my college selections?

On what basis should I be choosing colleges for my college list? Should I consider my peer’s colleges? Will the major I choose affect which colleges I can apply to?

Kyra’s Avatar
Kyra Nov 29, 2022 245 views

Good Colleges for Forensics?

What are some good colleges to get into to become a Forensic Pathologist?

Rebekah’s Avatar
Rebekah Nov 09, 2022 254 views

Good colleges for criminology?

What are some good colleges to attend for taking criminology?

Kaylei’s Avatar
Kaylei Nov 09, 2022 254 views

College programs for investigators?

Where are good colleges with good programs for being a crime scene investigator?

Kaylei’s Avatar
Kaylei Nov 09, 2022 282 views

Colleges for crime scene investigator?

Where are good colleges with good programs for being a crime scene investigator?

Tevin’s Avatar
Tevin Nov 09, 2022 287 views

How much do public colleges and universities cost per year on average in a 4 year program?

I'm interested in starting to save for college but I don't know how much to start begin with. I'm also hoping that I can get a decent number of scholarships to help lessen the financial strain on me and my family.

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perla Oct 31, 2022 334 views

what's the best college to go for design?

Im interested in design and fashion

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Oct 31, 2022 439 views

What college?

How do I know which colleges are best for me if I don't know what I want to major in

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Oct 26, 2022 425 views

What are some substantial merit based scholarships?

I live in the Bay Area so if you could share local ones, that could be to my benefit!

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary Oct 19, 2022 210 views

Is it worth going to a community college then a 4 year, or straight to a 4 year college

I’ve always been told to go to community college first, but never understood why.

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Ashley Oct 04, 2022 303 views

What colleges will better nurture me to become a pediatric nurse?

Hello, I am a 10th grader. Right now, my school has stressed the importance of knowing what to do after highschools. One thing I'm struggling with is the factors that take place when picking a college, when picking classes, when picking a job, etc.

Edison’s Avatar
Edison Sep 27, 2022 301 views

When I get to college, what should my priority be?

Should I be searching for internships right away when I know what I want to pursue in the future? Or should I be exploring my options, for example maybe focusing a majority of my time in studying, or out making friends?

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Aug 26, 2022 221 views

College careers

how do I apply for colleges I want to go to

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Aug 05, 2022 315 views

Two questions on choosing a career and college/university.

I will graduate from a community college in Spring 2023 with an accounting degree. I plan on working for 2-3 years and then going back to school. I regret that I did not spend more time researching degrees, doing HS internships, or exploring different community colleges while in high school....

khalil’s Avatar
khalil Jul 14, 2022 249 views

What are some good colleges to study criminal justice or pre-law in the united states.

i want to be an private investigator or some thing that has to do with law but i do not know which colleges are good.

Bethzy’s Avatar
Bethzy May 19, 2022 224 views

I'm in highschool, but I want to be prepared about my college decisions. But I want to major to be a veternarian. I know I have to take undergrad courses 4 years, and then go to veterinary school for four years. Can I go to a community college for those undergrad required courses and then transfer to vet school?

I will also be first gen to go to college.