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A natural science that focuses on living organisms. Some related careers are a biochemist, high school teacher, biomedical engineering, and many more. For more information, please read below.

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kelsey N. May 11, 2016 685 views

Is a lot of travel typically required for food science majors?

I want to know how much of my time will have to be devoted to my job to make a good living off of it. #science #food #biology...


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kiran K. Apr 29, 2016 587 views

What is the salary for biology lecturer in india

i am passed my 2nd puc , waiting for the result #expertise #biology...


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andrea G. May 12, 2016 587 views

What is the employment outlook for those with a biology degree?

I am a high school senior who is planning on majoring in biology (most likely general biology). Although I plan on pursuing medical school in the future, I would like to know how the employment perspective is for someone who holds a bachelors of science for biology. #biology #employment...

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Litzy V. May 04, 2016 416 views
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ahilandeswari B. Apr 27, 2016 578 views
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kanika M. May 06, 2016 738 views

What are the difference between Biotechnology and Biomedical careers?

Can help me out with the Difference between Biomedical and Biotechnology. Job Opportunities and which is the Best among both. #engineering #medicine #engineer #teaching #professor #biology #educator...


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Mackenzie H. May 05, 2016 488 views

Double majoring?

I know for a fact that I want to major in a science when I go off to college. I am having trouble with figuring out the best option for that. I know for a fact i want to major in a biology of some sort. Would it be possible to major in biology and then minor in either cellular biology or maybe...

#biology #molecular-biology #science #college-major #double-major #marine #college

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jessica T. May 05, 2016 378 views

I'm about to enter into college. I plan to pursue a major in biology. Is there anything I should do to plan for this major to study over the summer?

I am asking this so that I am prepared for my major, already knowing that it is a difficult major and I want to do very well to get into certain programs in the future. #college...


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Hailey M. May 05, 2016 470 views

What kind of jobs and careers do people enter after studying conservation biology?

Is it common for people to work for the national parks and government, or is there another source of jobs? #biology #environment #ecology #nature-conservation...


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Mariel O. May 05, 2016 469 views

Do I have to major in biology to be an ornithologist/zoologist?

I want to be a zoologist, specifically an ornithologist focused on research and conservation. However, I'm not particularly interested in what is going on inside the bird. I understand how that would be important to know, but I don't want my major (i.e. biology) to simply be focused on this....

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Quentin K. May 05, 2016 461 views

What does the job market for Biomedical engineers look like?

Will there be jobs for biomed engineers coming out of college? If so, where? #college #engineering #engineer #professor #biology #professional...


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Haley F. May 12, 2016 409 views

How can I make myself stand out against the sea of students in my major?

I'm a junior in high school, getting ready to apply to colleges. I want to apply as a biology major, with a biomedical concentration. This specific major and concentration is in the top 3 for most common majors at my top college. How can I make myself stand out when there are 1,000 incoming...

#doctor #scientist #biologist #biology #healthcare #college-counseling #college

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Christian G. May 13, 2016 448 views

Being a current high school senior and going to college next year to study on a pre-medicine track, would you recommend majoring in a broad science such as Biology or Chemistry? How about a more specific major like Microbiology?

I am interested in working in the medical field. I don't have a set career in mind but I am looking at pursuing a career as a Physician or Physician Assistant. I am thinking about majoring in Biology but I was told by a friend of mine that it is better to major in a subject that is specific...

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Alexia L. May 13, 2016 483 views

I want to work for a non profit helping humans with illness mostly mental and help animals what should I major in?

I love everything, i want to work for a non profit helping people and animals and also educating them and therapy idk what to major in, i love teaching in third world countries, i love cultures traveled the work i speak 4 languages i love government and UN stuff, i also love bio and science and...

#it-management #united-nations #biology #nonprofits #therapy

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Meghan M. May 12, 2016 538 views

How much schooling does it take to become a wildlife biologist?

I am interested in biology but I want to be outdoors and in action looking at animals and nature. I was wondering the amount of schooling needed to become a wildlife biologist #biology...


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madison G. May 12, 2016 571 views

What school in Oklahoma has the best biology program?

I want to be a marine biologist....


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andrea G. May 12, 2016 506 views

For a pre-med track, which major would be more helpful: General Biology, Human Biology or Molecular Biology?

I was considering switching from a Molecular Biology to General Biology major before selecting my schedule and was wondering if any on biology major would benefit me most. #college-major #biology...


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Alexis C. May 11, 2016 437 views

What classes do I have to take to bcome a pediatrician?

I really want to be a pediatrician so since my senior year is next year, I was wondering what classes to take now so that I don't have to take them in college. #biology #chemistry...


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Tia M. May 11, 2016 587 views

How many additional years of schooling does one have to undergo to become a Pharmacist?

I am considering becoming a Pharmacist and would like to know how many years are required of me to attend school following my obtainment of a Bachelor's degree. #biology #pharmacy #pharmacists #clinical-pharmacy #retail-pharmacy...


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Dianne M. May 10, 2016 621 views

How do I break into the sustainable energy field?

As an incoming college freshman, I am interested in pursuing a career in the field of sustainable energy. I don't have a particular focus at the moment because I still have to learn more about my own major (Biotechnology) and the field itself, but I would like to be prepared for the future as...

#sustainability #technology #stem #biology #biotechnology #science #college

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Chanté L. May 09, 2016 509 views

Is it beneficial to major in marine biology in undergrad if you want to be a marine biologist?

There are no marine bio progams in my state so wonder if I should just major in regular biology. #college #biology #undergraduate #marine-biology #studies...


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Rachel L. May 09, 2016 420 views

If I get a degree in Biology, what are the jobs out there for me

1st year college...


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Andrea L. May 08, 2016 521 views

Are you able to wait a year before applying to an Ivy League if hoping to get accepted?

I was planning on taking a year or two at a local community college after my senior year to become a CNA or LPN. I was then planning on applying to Ivy League's to get my undergraduates degree in biology or neurology before going to medical school. Would my chances of being accepted into an Ivy...

#pre-med #neurology #biology #ivy-league #university #college #doctor #medicine

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Anina H. May 08, 2016 460 views

Why are bioengineering majors better than biology majors at the MCAT?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at CareerVillage. When I ask this question, I'm referring to the chart linked. In it, a lot of majors are actually better at the MCAT than biology majors. How does that make sense, when biology majors have studied the subject in...

#college-major #biology #medicine

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kiran K. May 07, 2016 591 views
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shivaranjini S. May 06, 2016 1099 views

I studied biology can I take

my friends told me that has good opportunity but i am a science student but i am confused.what are the opportunities in both fields #business #biology #accounting...


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Rachel K. May 06, 2016 373 views

How do I get a biomedical engineering degree?

I am interested in getting a biomedical engineering degree, but I do not know the classes I have to take or other things I have to do to get one. #engineer...


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Alexius P. May 05, 2016 605 views

What careers can I consider with a Biomedical Science Degree?

I plan to major in Biomedical Science for my undergraduate degree and intend to go on to vet school. However, if things change, can I do anything with just a biomedical science degree and no further education or degree? #biology #veterinarian #biomedical...


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jessica T. May 05, 2016 451 views

What different personality traits and aspects should a person seeking a major in biology have?

I am asking this question that way, I am prepared to pursue the major that I would like to study and plan to take up certain habits that I need to change so I can do well....