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Career Questions tagged Biology

A natural science that focuses on living organisms. Some related careers are a biochemist, high school teacher, biomedical engineering, and many more. For more information, please read below.

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Hope A. 2 days ago 30 views

What Jobs Can I Get That Involves Science?

I Am Very Interested In Science....


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Priya K. Oct 12 48 views

What are the different educational paths for becoming a nuclear medicine technologist?

Hi, I am a high school grade who is currently in career technical training for medical assisting. I had to take a break from college but I am planning to go back to get my associates for Nuclear Medicine technology or just biotechnology in general. Some of my other interests include art,...

medicine medical biology healthcare

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Alay'la B. Oct 08 45 views

What is the day to day life like of aaquatic veterinarain? What do you do? What types of task are you given ? Is it similar to being regular veterinarain, what's different? what's similar?

I am Alay'la Brimage, I go to Cane Bay Highschool. I'm interseted in becoming a marine/aquatic veterinarian. Ijust want to get more information about what it is like, how do you get there, is it fun etc. I like to sing, I love animals, and I really would enjoy helping them. veterinary biology...


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Yara M. Oct 07 75 views

Any advice on what I could do to increase my odds of getting into med school?

I'm 21 years old and I'm graduating this semester, hopefully with a 3.5 GPA. My goal is to join medical school but my grades aren't that competitive. I need to apply next year and I was thinking of enhancing my extracurriculars to improve my profile; however, I live in Lebanon where we have...

college medical medicine biology doctor

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Anna D. Oct 07 37 views

What type of training does a marine biologist need?

I am curious about what type of marine biologists have to do to have experience. marine-biology biology...


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Brianna M. Oct 06 60 views

Is majoring in biology worth it?

Planning on majoring in biology, would you say it was worth it? if not then...

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Autumn S. Oct 06 44 views

Can it be dangerous to be a marine biologists

marine marine-biology biology I really like learning about marine...

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Jaiden L. Sep 28 76 views

What is the most challenging thing about being a microbiologist?

Im a 9th grader and ive always been fascinated with biology and my dream job was too be a microbiologist. science...


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Jaiden L. Sep 28 79 views

What do you do in a day being a microbiologist

Im a 9th grader and ive always been fascinated with biology and my dream job was to a microbiologist....


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Stephanie M. Sep 18 87 views

Magnetic Resonance Imaging techs what are 3 things you wish you knew before choosing this career?

I am looking into this career path for my future. I would like to know a little bit more from an MRI tech perspective that's actually in the career filed. I am also wondering where to start? or whats good MRI school. career magneticresonanceimagingtech science technologist technicians...


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Allison G. Sep 17 43 views

Would a minor benefit me if I'm trying to get into Med school?

I want to be a forensic psychiatrist and have to go to medical school for it. I plan on majoring in either biology or biochemistry for my four-year degree. I don't know if a minor would help me find a career if medical school ends up not being available for me. medical-school...


Olivia R.’s Avatar
Olivia R. Sep 16 52 views

What should I study in college to become a forensic pathologist?

My current plan is to study Biology and then go to med school but im wondering if theres an easier route to achive this. Do I have to go to med school? biology...


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Toni G. Sep 12 64 views
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Hope H. Sep 09 87 views

Where should I go to be a Mortician

I've been researching about mortuary sciences and was wondering where the best places to get a job to be one, and where to go to school is. Does it ever have a lasting emotional impact on you? I've always been interested in bodies though that does sound strange. mortician mortuaryscience...

medicine biology science

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Samyukta S. Sep 01 127 views

Is there any career where Genetics and Cancer research morphs into a single job?

I am drawn to genetic studies and also, I find myself really interested in Cancer treatment and research. I want to contribute to the advancements in Cancer research. I wanted to know if there are any courses through which I can become a Cancer researcher. Which course is it? What should I do...

phd cancer medicine lab research biology science

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Brian M. Aug 04 88 views

Options for Biology Major

Hi! I am a biology student, I do not want to pursue graduate work. What kinds of jobs and salaries can I expect. What are my options to stay in a biology-related field?...


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Lynae H. Aug 04 165 views

College biology student with too many career options

I am entering my junior year of college and do not know how to choose a career. I am a biology major with many interests and career options like optometry, genetic counseling, research, and college professor. I have shadowed an optometrist (a career I have been interested in for a long time)...

science career research genetics biology college optometry medicine doctor

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Jillie M. Jul 30 122 views

Career choices for chemistry

I am a high school senior and did the Johnson O'Connor assessments for careers. My results show that I should do something in chemistry or biology, preferably a job where I work more independently and that requires advanced education beyond a bachelor's. I do love chemistry/bio and have done...

college biology chemistry

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phoebe R. Jul 22 89 views

How long did it take you to study? Did you have to go on internship?

What did you need to study in school? What other jobs can you with marine biologist certificate marine-biology...


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Gaby E. Jun 30 92 views

What do I need to do to become a surgeon?

I'm in highschool and I love biology and dissecting things, I think being a surgeon might be right for me medicine surgeon...


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Kenneth H. Jun 24 151 views

How can become Biomedical engineer

Im in high school and I love science I think that computer science and biology would a perfect fit because I always love the concept of it computer-science science computer technology biology...


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Oskar S. Jun 21 271 views

What would jobs in the Biotechnology field look like?

I was wondering what I would do if I decided to pursue a career in the biotechnology field. biology engineering science...