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A natural science that focuses on living organisms. Some related careers are a biochemist, high school teacher, biomedical engineering, and many more. For more information, please read below.

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Smith or Bates?

Hi! I need to take a decision and choose the college I want to go to for the next 4 years. I got admitted to both Smith and Bates and will be playing soccer at whichever one I choose. I also plan to do Pre-Med with a Biology major. I visited both schools and absolutely loved them. If anyone...

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AP Chem or Ap Bio? Elective?

It is around the time of the year again where I have to pick my courses for next year and I am stumped. I want to be a doctor, so I have been focusing on classes to take to help me in the future. I love both biology and chemistry (I got A's for Bio freshman year and an A so far for Chemistry)....

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How does CRISPR work?

I am a tenth grade student interested in learning more about gene expression and modification as well as protein synthesis. #genetics #crispr #biology #molecular...

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How to go about getting a summer internship related to computational biology as a high school sophomore?

I am a high school sophomore in the Bay Area with class work experience in Python, R, Matlab and Java. This year, I am taking graph theory and applied statistics courses. I am further interested in applications of math to chemistry and biology. #math #biology #computer-science #high-school...


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Why do wildlife biologist get paid very little compared to the other sciences and how can we avoid that fate?

Hi, I'm Marilin, I'm a biology student at camden county college. I plan on getting my associates in biology at camden county college and then transfer to Rowan University for a bachelor's in biology and hopefully be able to minor in environmental science. I hope to become a wildlife biologist...

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I'm interested in becoming a surgeon, but I'm feeling a little intimidated by the intense hours required of surgical fellows. Is it possible to balance work life with a family life in this setting?

I am approaching my senior year of high school. I am planning to #major in #biology and continue on to get my MD. I am considering the possibility of becoming a #surgeon, but I want to have a better understanding of the #work-life balance of #surgical #fellows. #doctor #surgery #pediatrics...


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How did you know you wanted to pursue a chem/bio PhD?

Currently, I just finished my first year at Northeastern as a Biochemistry major. I have some experience as a research assistant and would like to volunteer in a lab next semester. I am premed, but there is still some time to think about grad school. I am very interested in research as well,...

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Any advice on how to build a research resume during the lockdown?

I'm a neuroscience and psychology student trying to get into research. My plans for this summer (interships/jobs) were postponed or cancelled. An #research #psychology #biology y advice on some alternate ways I can build my research experience during the...

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What's the best route to becoming a marine biologist (or working in the marine science/research field) while living in a non-coastal state?

I am a Biology major and I am really interested in the marine science/research field. I applied for an internship for marine research in Cape Eleuthera and was unfortunately declined due to competitiveness. I'd really appreciate any advice anyone can give me that has experience in this field!...

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Is it still more or less challenging for a woman to hold a position so high up as a surgeon or chief of surgery within a hospital?

At school, I am most interested in gross anatomy, microbiology, and biology, while my hobbies include athletics. A topic that I am passionate about is leadership and "organized chaos". #medicine #doctor #biology #surgeon #trauma #icu #chaos #busy #medical #premed...


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Is taking 17 credits during one semester too much?

I am an international student who want to complete an bachelor degree major in biology. I live in Vancouver, Canada #biology #college #degree I am taking 4 academic courses in the first semester in college ( Associate of Science Degree for first 2 year) then I will transfer my credits to...

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What are the steps I should take to become a marine biologist?

I'm a freshman student in college acquiring a degree in Biology. I have always been interested in becoming a marine biologist. The ocean and whales have always fascinated me. I just want more information about the career. #marine-biology #biology #science...


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Should I take physics or AP Bio senior year?

My guidance counselor suggested I take physics but I rather take AP Bio. It's more interesting and I want to major in Biology in college. (I want to be an optometrist) My counselor said she was concerned that colleges wouldn't the AP Bio credits but I think taking AP Bio would show my...

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Julia R. Dec 04, 2019 247 views

What are some realistic Jobs in wildlife and marine Biology?

I'm looking into getting my masters/doctorate in marine and/or wildlife biology. I'm interested in environmental science as well. I'm feeling a bit lost! #biology #marine-biology #environmental-science...


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Chloe C. Nov 14, 2019 148 views

I’ve taken biomedical sciences Ap biology and chemistry is this a good start to studying for a medical field job?

I am a junior in high school and have always had a passion for medicine and medical activities. I hope to become a doctor but I am not sure what kind or what schools to look at for college. # #medicine #doctor #medical-school...


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What do marine biologist specifically do?

I want to be in the water and interact with sea animals. I love learning and studying aquatic animals and want to persue a career in the field of marine biology. #marine-biology #animals #biology...


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